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Bharat Bandh: 'we are with the farmers' says Sanjay Raut

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said- 'This is not a political bandh. This is our sentiment There is no politics here nor should there be '

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shivsena leader sanjay raut replies to BJP over ed summon to his wife

The impact of Bharat Bandh called by farmers unions protesting against the new agricultural laws of the Center is being seen on the roads. 

Many political parties have also supported this Bharat Bandh. Farmer leaders said that as part of their demonstration, from 11 am to 3 pm, they will perform "Chakka Jam" during which major roads will be jammed.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said- 'This is not a political bandh. This is our sentiment. Farmers' organizations agitating in Delhi do not carry any political flag. It is our duty to stand with the farmers and stay connected with their feelings. There is no politics here nor should there be '.

However Protests are taking place in different parts of the country during the Bharat Bandh. Apart from political parties, various organizations have also supported this bandh.

 Leaders of left parties have blocked roads in Parvatipuram in Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, in Bihar too, silence was seen on the streets in support of the bandh and a large number of security personnel have been deployed. 

A large number of security personnel have been deployed at Delhi's Singhu border.

NH 6 has been closed by Left activists in Paskura in East Midnapore, West Bengal. This bandh has been done in support of Bharat Bandh. The busy Mumbai road is still closed. The police may soon open the road by getting on the road.

In Maharashtra, the Swabhimani Shetkari organization took part in the protest against the 'Stop India Rail Rail' and stopped a train at Malkapur in Buldhana. 

Police later removed him from the tracks and took him into custody. In fact, many farmers unions have called off India today in protest against the new agricultural laws.

The buses of Delhi Metro, DTC and Cluster Scheme will run as usual during Bharat Bandh. Cab drivers are supporting shutdown and the availability of app based cabs can be a problem. 

Auto rickshaw unions are divided over the support issue, so the number of auto rickshaws will be less.

 There are 95,000 autos in Delhi, around 2.5 lakh taxis in Delhi NCR and 6,601 buses in the combined fleet of DTC and cluster schemes. A black-yellow taxi will be available from the airport.