Seven US MPs told Foreign Minister Pompeo, Talk to India

Seven senior US lawmakers wrote a letter to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo urging him to talk to Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on the issue of farmers’ movement in India.

According to the news agency PTI, they also include Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal.

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In this letter sent on 23 December, MPs have written that many Indians settled in the US can be directly affected by this issue because their family members live in Punjab and they also have ancestral properties there.

He wrote, “We urge you to contact your Indian counterpart to strengthen America’s commitment to freedom of political expression abroad”.

The MPs also said that this issue is especially related to such Sikh people settled in America, who have relations with Punjab, but it will also affect the Indians living there who have relations with other states.

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He has also written that America can advise India on this issue because it has experience in political protests.

India has not yet responded to this, but the Indian government has previously described the statements of foreign leaders about farmers as “full of misinformation” and “undesirable”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said earlier this month, “We have seen many misinformed statements about India’s farmers. Such statements are unwarranted, especially when they interfere in the internal affairs of a democratic country Give. “

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Earlier this month, three US lawmakers wrote a letter to the Indian ambassador in the US, expressing support for the right to peaceful demonstration of farmers.

Last Tuesday too, an American MP David Throne urged the Indian government to provide protection to the protesting farmers and praised the Supreme Court’s offer to mediate the case.

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