FAA aspirants protest in Kashmir, what’s the whole matter?

The aspiring Financial Accounts Assistant (FAA) continued their protest against rumours of scrapping the selection process and demanded the immediate publication of the final selection list.

Dozens of candidates who have qualified for the FAA job examination conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) gathered in front of the Jammu Press Club and staged a sit-in protest against the possible delisting of FAA selection due to alleged irregularities.

The young protesters said that they have come to know from various sources that the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board is cancelling the recruitment of the Financial Account Assistant.

The protesters launched slogans against the JKSSB and claimed that malpractice is ruining the career of deserving candidates as they are forced to pay the price of those who cheated.

“After scoring the exam, we thought our unemployment problems would be over, but the rumours that the entire selected list might be eliminated is giving us sleepless nights,” said one protesting candidate.

“If some candidates have cheated on the exam, why should all those selected pay the price for their mistake?” he questioned.

Another candidate also expressed disappointment with him claiming that the rumours are causing them mental damage.

“I know some candidates who are on the verge of developing mental health problems, we have already lost a lot of time due to the Covid 19 pandemic.”

The protesters carried banners with slogans such as “justice for deserving candidates” and “thank you for ruining our race” written on them.

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They raised slogans against JKSSB. “After scoring the exam, we thought our unemployment problems would be over, but the delay in reporting results by JKSSB has kept us in the middle of nowhere,” they said.

“Almost the entire recruitment process for the FAA has been completed and now they are talking about scrapping it. Why does the Government take so long to question the hiring process? We are not against the investigation, but that should have a time limit,” said one of the protesters, claiming that the rights of deserving candidates are being trampled on in the name of investigation and alleged scams.

Another protester said, “We are not from rich families, we worked hard day and night for almost 2 years to prepare for this exam and when the final selection list is about to arrive, it is supposedly discarded because of some mischievous elements. . If the entire list is removed, it will leave a thousand young people unemployed, discouraged and disappointed.”

“I don’t understand the reason behind our hard work. Is this because of the hard work that we are forced to hit the streets? We don’t deserve it,” Nelofar said, adding that if a scam has taken place then the government should identify those who are involved in it but not at the cost of the career of aspirants.

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“One fails to understand why the recruitment will be scrapped. Are the government agencies such incompetent that they would not be able to identify the black sheep in the recruiting agency? It seems by scrapping the recruitment process, the authorities are shielding the culprits,” she said.

“I have worked hard for the examination, but unfortunately the promises over transparency by the government have fallen flat,” she said.

Another protester, Rameez Ahmad, said that the whole process seemed to be preplanned and a cruel joke to the aspirants. “We have sacrificed everything for this job and kept working hard to get the selection. However, our career is being ruined by scraping the recruitment process,” he said.

However, he added that the aspirants are ready to cooperate with the government, but only those who are involved in the scam should be kept at bay and those who deserve should not be pushed to the wall.

The protesting candidates urged the LG administration to take note of the alleged mismanagement in the JKSSB which, according to them, has put the future of deserving and deserving candidates at stake. They also demanded the immediate release of their final selection list.


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