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Home » Video: PM Modi and CM Yogi’s Pictures found in Garbage, they fired poor worker

Video: PM Modi and CM Yogi’s Pictures found in Garbage, they fired poor worker

pm modi and yogi in garbage truck

A contractual worker in Uttar Pradesh was fired just because he was carrying pictures of PM Modi and CM Yogi in a garbage cart and its video is going viral. While he had already found those pictures lying in the garbage.

The contractual worker said that he had found these pictures lying in the garbage.

Journalist Piyush Rai shared this video in his tweet, after which it is becoming quite viral.

In the video, a sanitation worker was stopped by a local resident. He says “Maanya mukh mantri ji ka photo dustbin mein hai. Yeh dekhiye.

In this incident Satyendra Kumar Tiwari, additional municipal commissioner, Nagar Nigam Mathura-Vrindavan said this sanitation worker accidentally kept the pictures of Prime Minister Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath in the garbage cart. However, his negligence is seen in this, so he is immediately fired from the job.

The action came after a video went viral on social media in which the sanitation worker in Mathura was seen with PM Modi and CM Yogi’s photos carrying in the garbage cart.

People reacting to this incident

Poor Garbage worker lost his job for doing the job,What is supposed to do by all Indians..


Should catch the people whom had thrown the photo frame and book case against them for dis-honoring PM Modi and UP CM.


Not condoning the idea of photos of those in constitutional posts being dumped like this but what was the mistake of the poor man? He was doing his duty of carrying garbage that people dumped,”

Mansoor Khan, general secretary of Congress in Karnataka

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