Ram Navami Violence: 5 Cities similar sequence of events

Ram Navami Violence

There were reports of communal violence from many areas of the country on Ram Navami. According to the videos circulated on social media, swords were raised and provocative slogans were raised in Muslim areas in Ram Navami processions many places. At the same time, according to the official information which is in the media and … Read more

Understand the history of “Genocide” and Crimes against Humanity

Understand the history of "Genocide" and Crimes against Humanity

Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky has warned that Russia is trying to commit genocide in his country. He was speaking after 20 civilians were found dead on the streets of Bucha, some with their arms and legs tied, and satellite images showing the presence of a mass grave. On Monday, President Zelensky made an emotional tour … Read more

Explained: NMC draft guidelines for registration of doctors

Explained: NMC draft guidelines for registration of doctors

The National Medical Commission has recently changed the way of Guidelines for the registration of doctors. An Indian Regulatory body of 33 members that regulates medical professionals and medical education has announced a set of three draft regulations on the registration of doctors to the National Medical Register. Ground Report will explain to you what … Read more

Why does the Northeast demand a separate timezone?

Why does the Northeast demand a separate timezone?

Despite high demands for Act-East policy, the central government is surprisingly silent on the demand for a separate timezone for the northeast. Demand for a separate time zone for the northeastern states of India has been around for a very long time Or is New Delhi trying to be like China in terms of time … Read more

‘Automatic Gaddi’: YouTuber Bhuvan Bam accused of objectifying women

Bhuvan Baam Automatic gaadi

Famous comedian and YouTuber Bhuvan Bam is in controversy for his new video ‘Automatic Gaadi’. In this, people have lodged strong objections to one scene, where there is a dialogue that objectifies women. The National Commission for Women has also taken cognizance and demanded the Delhi Police to register an FIR against the comedian. Let … Read more

Difference between Halal and Jhatka Meat, Religious angle to it explained


Ground Report | New Delhi: The national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), CT Ravi, has called for a boycott of ‘halal’ meat, claiming it was part of the ‘economic jihad’ being spread by the Muslim community. The BJP legislature said the meat was established so that no member of the community does … Read more

Who wants to divide Tripura to form a separate state ‘Greater Tipraland’?

Greater tipraland separate state demand in tripura

The BJP’s support base is increasing in the northeastern states, but discontent is also growing here. Tribals of Tripura are demanding a separate state of Greater Tipraland. They say that it is very important to create a separate state to protect the rights and identity of the tribals. But BJP sitting in power and other … Read more

What are the Criteria to make a film Tax free in India?

tax free films in india

Many states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tripura, Karnataka, Goa, Haryana, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh have made Vivek Agnihotri’s film Kashmir Files tax-free. The film is about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley. This film is getting the full support of the BJP, all big leaders including Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah … Read more

Explained: What is the dangerous traffic jam happening outside Earth

Space Traffic Jam explained

Traffic jam happening outside Earth: With the advancement of technology and the growing human need to explore the vast reaches of the cosmos, the first stop outside the planet is the Low Earth Orbit. Extending up to 500 kilometers outside the planet, this region is where thousands of satellites operate hovering around the planet. However … Read more

Can Ukraine join the EU? Explained

Can Ukraine join the EU Explained

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ukraine join EU; As Russian bombs fell on Kyiv, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities, President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the European Union on Monday to “urgently admit Ukraine” to the bloc. “We call on the European Union to urgently admit Ukraine using a new procedure, ” Zelensky said in a … Read more