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Earth Day 2023: Air India Will Reduce 80% Single-Use Plastic on Flights

Today, Air India issued a bulletin that it would reduce the use of single-use plastics by almost 80% on all of its international flights.

By pragyaanant
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Air India Single use plastic

Today, Air India issued a bulletin that it would reduce the use of single-use plastics by almost 80% on all of its international flights. The statement was made the day before Earth Day, which will be observed on 22nd April, Saturday, all across the world.

The initiatives have been taken to achieve the objective of the replacement of plastic-based zip-lock pouches for cutlery with paper packaging, plastic straws with paper straws, wooden stirrers instead of plastic ones, and reusable linen bags on board.

According to a statement released by Air India, the reduction has been obtained since the privatization of Air India. The minimization has been done through continuous effort directed by a team of in-house experts supported by catering partners and suppliers. The goal of the mission is to continue to reduce the airline's environmental impact.

What will be replaced?

One of the steps taken by Air India in this direction is the complete elimination of 500ml water bottles made of plastic from all Economy Class seat pockets on widebody aircraft operating international flights. Further, it states that 200ml water bottles are no longer bulk-uplifted on domestic and international flights and are only now offered on pre-set meal trays.

There will be an introduction to the one-liter water bottle water dispensing service during the flight. Paper packaging will be used to package utensils in place of plastic zip-top bags. Paper straws will be used in place of plastic straws. Substituting plastic stirrers with wooden ones is one more environmentally friendly move. The airline will be bringing on board reusable linen bags. The introduction of single-use plastic bags and 100% biodegradable PET lids is also a good initiative by Air India. The airline is also trying to introduce garbage bags made entirely of biodegradable materials.

In addition to pursuing numerous additional options to minimize the use of single-use plastic further, the airline aims to provide paper cutlery for Economy Class passengers soon, according to the statement. Intending to be one of the most sustainable airlines in the world, Air India continues to incorporate environmental and social values into its business practices.

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