Doctors, health workers will continue to get benefit of insurance policy: Health Ministry

Amid increasing cases of covid-19, the government has said that ‘Corona Warriors’ will be given a new insurance policy from April 24 onwards. 

There were reports from many places that doctors and healthcare workers are upset because the policy period given by the government will end on April 24.

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After the onset of the Corona epidemic last year, all healthcare workers were given an insurance policy of 50 lakhs.

A statement issued on Monday by the Ministry of Health It states that “The Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package was announced in March 2020, to ensure that if something adverse happens to a health worker due to covid-19, his family will be taken care of. Under this, an insurance cover of 50 lakhs was given.”

“287 claims have been paid so far by the insurance company. The scheme has played a significant psychological role in boosting the morale of health workers fighting covid-19.

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The Warriors’ insurance policy under the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package by 24 April 2021 Continued, after that a new insurance policy for the covid Warriors will become effective.”

However, it is not clear from this statement how much the new insurance will be and how different the new policy will be from the current policy.

India’s daily new cases continue to rise. 2,73,810 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours.

Ten States including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan report78.58% of the new cases.

Maharashtra has reported the highest daily new cases at 68,631. It is followed by Uttar Pradesh with 30,566 while Delhi reported 25,462 new cases.

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP) was announced on March 2020, and was extended thrice till 24 April 2021.

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It was launched to provide a safety net to the Health Workers fighting COVID19 to ensure that in case of any adversity due to COVID19, their families are taken care of.

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