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Didi and her people have broken the trust of Bengal: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding Mamata Banerjee at the rally, PM Modi said that Bengal Mamata didi for change only.

By Ground report
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प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने किया नये संसद भवन का भूमिपूजन

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a rally in Kolkata's Brigade Grounds. Targeting Mamata Banerjee at the rally, PM Modi said that Bengal had relied on Mamata didi for change only.

He said, "But Didi and her cadre broke this trust. These people broke the trust of Bengal. These people humiliated Bengal."

"In this year's assembly elections, on one side there is TMC, there is left-Congress, they have anti-Bengal attitude, and on the other hand the people of Bengal have stood up tightly."

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"The policy of the BJP that will form here, the interests of the people of Bengal will be paramount in its decisions. The mantra of Ashol Poriborton, which will form the BJP government here, will be its inspiration, the basis of its hard work"

“Ashol Poriborton means Bengal, where even the poorest of the poor get full opportunity to move forward. Ashol Poriborton means, Bengal where every region, every class will have equal participation in development. ”

"Faith, to increase investment in Bengal, to grow industry. Faith, to rebuild Bengal. Faith, to protect the culture and traditions of Bengal."

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"Kolkata is the City of Joy. Kolkata also has a legacy of a rich past and future prospects. There is no reason why Kolkata's culture cannot be made a city of the future by keeping the culture safe."

"You can guess that due to their commissioning, many work related to Kolkata airport has been stopped. Every such work will be given a fast pace in the BJP government. The smart city project here will get new energy in the BJP government."

"The expansion of the new National Education Policy in West Bengal will also be given emphasis. Engineering, doctors, technology, study of such subjects, be it in Bangla language, will also be emphasized."

"Our goal is not just to change the power in West Bengal. We want to make Bengal politics development-oriented. That is why we are talking about Ashol Poriborton."

"Congress came to power on the slogan of independence, after independence, it worked for some time but then votebank politics continued to dominate Bengal. This politics was further extended by the leftists and gave the slogan-" Congressman kalo haath, bhenge dao, jaggery Dao. "

"On the basis of similar slogans, the Left came to power, held power for almost 3 decades. What happened to that black hand today? The hand which the leftists considered black then, how did it become white today? The hand which they talked about breaking Were, today he is walking with his blessings. "

"Has there been a change in the life of the farmer, laborer, employee, that he wanted? Has there been any change in the life of the poor? Has the situation of schools and hospitals in West Bengal changed?"

"Has the employment situation of the youth of Bengal changed? Has the industrialization of Bengal changed as much as it has the power? Has the politics of bloodshed that has been in place for decades changed?"

"Those talking about Mati handed over the particle of Bengal, Tinka-Tinka, middlemen, black marketers and syndicates."

"Today the Manush of Bengal is troubled. He sees the blood of his own people flowing in front of his eyes. He sees his people plundered in front of his eyes."

"He sees his own people dying in the absence of treatment. He is watching his people flee for lack of opportunities. And the whole of Bengal is now saying in one voice - R. Noy.

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"Today the young men and daughters of West Bengal are asking you the same question. They chose you in the role of Didi. But why did you limit yourself to a single nephew's aunt?"

"Why did you choose the same nephew's temptation to be the aunt? Instead of the hopes of millions of nieces and nephews of Bengal, why did you take the greed of your nephew? You too could not give up the Congress rites of nepotism, Against whom you rebelled."

"Hey didi, you are not only a daughter of Bengal, you are a daughter of India! When you took a scooty a few days ago, everyone was praying that you be safe! Well you did not fall, otherwise the state in which that scooty is made , She would have made that state her enemy."

"It is a coincidence that one day before the International Women's Day, I am on the land of Bengal, who gave many daughters like Mother Sharda Devi, Matangini Hajra, Rani Rashmoni, Pritilata Vaddar, Sarala Devi Chaudharani, Kamini Rai to India."

"Water life mission in Bengal is necessary because even today more than 1.5 crore houses do not have water from tap. Water life mission in Bengal is important because arsenic-rich water in many districts is destroying the lives of children, all Is doing sick. "

"Is it not our duty to worry, serve the poor? Or we will do politics on this too? But alas, this is what the TMC government is doing. The money that the central government is sending to provide water to every house is huge. Part till date, the government here has not been able to spend.

"I have built more than 60 lakh toilets and dignitaries in Bengal for my friends. I have sanctioned more than 32 lakh pucca houses in Bengal for my friends."

"Our siblings, working in the tea gardens of Bengal, are my special friends. Many of their troubles are also reduced by my work. With the efforts of our government, these tea friends of mine have been given social security schemes. It is also decided to benefit."

"Corona has disturbed everyone all over the world but it was these poor friends of mine who were very upset. When Corona came, I gave ration to every friend for free, gave free gas cylinders and deposited crores of rupees in bank account."

"The corona vaccine is so expensive in the world. But I arranged for my friends to vaccinate the government hospital for free."

"Talks, syndicates, commission cuts, you have done so many scams that you can organize the game of corruption Olympics in yourself! You have played with people's lives, with the hard earned money of the people. You have locked the tea gardens, the state Dipped in debt."

"Here in recruitment examinations, what kind of game happens, small list is released, which house is approved before releasing the list, which particular people are selected, it is not hidden from anyone. . Now it won't work, now this game will not work."

"Here in recruitment examinations, what kind of game happens, small list is released, which house is approved before releasing the list, which particular people are selected, it is not hidden from anyone. . Now this will not work, now this game will not work."

"What are I being told in anger ... Sometimes I am being called Ravana, sometimes the demon says, sometimes the monster, sometimes the goon ... Didi, why so angry?"

"I have known Didi for years. It is not the sister who raised her voice against the tyranny of the Left. She does not even have a bus on her sister. Didi's remote control is now somewhere else, so she is talking like this Which is against the basic thinking of Bengal, it is against the tradition of Bengal".

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