Delhi’s famous YouTuber arrested for making pet dog fly using helium balloons

Accused Gaurav runs a YouTube channel called Gaurav Sharma on which different videos have been uploaded in different ways. These include this video in which a dog is swinging in the air with the help of a balloon.

Ground Report | New Delhi: In Delhi, a famous YouTuber Gaurav Sharma has been arrested on charges of tying a dog in the sky with the help of a balloon. The incident is from Malviya Nagar police station in Delhi, where the police arrested the accused. A case has been registered against the accused YouTuber Gaurav and his mother under Section 188, 269, 34, Animal Cruelty Act of the IPC. The accused runs a YouTube channel named ‘Gaurav Sharma’.

Gaurav tied his pet dog ‘Dollar’ to a balloon flying in the air and started flying it in the air. The video has gone viral on social media, after which the complaint of YouTuber was made at the Malviya Nagar police station.

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After the video went viral, the PFA institution has filed a case against accused Gaurav under the sections of animal cruelty. However, after this matter came to light, YouTube Gaurav has removed the video from his YouTube channel.

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Sharma has over 4.15 million subscribers on YouTube and posted the video on her channel on 21 May. After the video was criticized by viewers, he removed the clip and uploaded another video, stating that he took “all security measures” when making the clip.

YouTube Gaurav posted a video on his channel and apologized. In the video, Gaurav said that he had tried to take care of all kinds of security in the video. Gaurav said that he is an animal lover and he apologizes if anyone’s feelings are hurt.

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