Delhi New Liquor Policy: More Liquor shops Less Mohalla Clinics

The Kejriwal government of Delhi had claimed that it would prepare 750 Mohalla Clinics by 2021. But could only prepare 496. On the contrary, on the very first day of the Delhi new liquor policy, 300-350 new liquor shops were opened in the mohallas. More will open soon. So far, a total of 850 liquor shops have been opened in Delhi.

The opposition is opposing the new liquor policy of the Delhi government. They say that the government wants to make Delhi a liquor city. In fact, after the new policy, the Delhi government is now out of the liquor business. Now only private partners can open liquor shops in Delhi. Under this, liquor shops will be opened in large quantities in 32 zones of Delhi, so that people can get good liquor near their homes.

Good facilities will be given in these new shops. There will be an air condition shop, all brands will be available. There will be no crowd. The convenience of the people will be taken care of.

In protest against the new policy of the Delhi government, the BJP has intensified the demonstration. BJP says that liquor shops are being opened in residential areas and near religious places, which is affecting society badly. The Delhi government says that the new policy will curb corruption and people will get better facilities.

How much Revenue Govt. will get from new Excise policy?

According to Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, the state can get 3,500 crores additional revenue from the new liquor policy. Under the new policy, the license fee has now increased from ₹6.5 crore to ₹7 crores per shop. 

What is Delhi New Liquor Policy?

Under the new policy, the biggest change was that the excise duty and VAT, which were usually evaded, were converted into license fees. Till now the fee was very nominal, like ₹8-₹10 lakh, and then there were 250-300% excise duty and VAT. Also, the legal age for liquor consumption was reduced to 21 years from 25.

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