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SSC Age Relaxation: Exam delayed due to covid, What is students fault?

For the past several days, students appearing for UPSC and SSC exams are trying to raise their demands of Age Relaxation and Extra attempt.

By Pallav Jain
New Update
SSC Age Relaxation Protest

For the past several days, students appearing for UPSC and SSC exams are trying to raise their demands of Age Relaxation and Extra attempt through social media. Neither the government is paying attention to their point nor the media is giving place to their issues.

There is a demand of all these students that in the exams which have been delayed due to Covid. These students should be given age relaxation and 2 extra attempts should be given. This is not their fault that exam got delayed due to pandemic. Many such students were preparing for these exams, who were in the last year of the age limit or was it his last attempt. If the exams are delayed due to covid, then these students will be declared invalid due to old age.

UPSC students are also demanding age relaxation and 2 extra attempts in all central government exams.  Thay are demanding age relaxation (including aspirants of 2020, 2021) in all central government exams (UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI, RBI, etc).

What Students Saying on Social Media?

The aspirants of SSC are putting their efforts day and night to clear the exam, but covid costed them heavily, Due to this Havoc situation students were not able to prepare some lost their last chance.

-CH Kapil Moral

Due to Corona, the examinations of the year 2021 are to be held in the year 2022 and 2023, due to this many students will become inligible due to age limit, so #ssc is requested to give relaxation in age limit in all SSC exams.

If relief can be given to IIT Aspirants on the ground of COVID,then Y not to all central Govt exams. Treat 2020 & 2021 as Zero year and go ahead.Dont listen to these Bureaucrats PM sahab. जनता के बीच में आपको जाना है Babu's को नहीं

- Prof Vijay Kumar Singh

The Government of India is playing with the future of the students. Students were most affected during COVID-19 and lost their precious chance. NSUI demands extra attempt for UPSC, IBPS, SSC, JEE exams and other examinations.

- NSUI Tripura

Many aspirants have a dream of cracking the most prestigious competitive exams of the country. They deserve an extra attempt #ExtraAttemptForAll

- Md Kabir Ahmad

Why Students Demanding an Extra Attempt?

When UPSC announced the postponement of the exam, it had also allowed for the opt-out option, where the aspirants were allowed to withdraw their name if it would be impossible for them to appear in the exam. However, there was no such option given to last-time examiners who had reached their age limit already for appearing for the UPSC civil services. Similarly students who are preparing for SSC and other central Government Exams protesting for same demand.

Few State government has announced age relaxation but central decision from Central govt. is still due.


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