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Strict Restrictions in Delhi: No metro services suspended

Strict Restrictions in Delhi
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New Delhi: Reeling under the massive surge of deaths due to the second wave of Covid and oxygen shortage crisis, Delhi has once again extended the lockdown by another week while making the conditions on movement of people much more stringent. The ongoing city lockdown will now last till 17th May 2021 and starting from Monday Delhi metro services will also not be available during the upcoming week.

Curbs have also been placed on marriage ceremonies and under the new orders issued by Delhi Disaster Management Authority, such ceremonies will only be allowed at court or at home with a maximum of 20 people permitted to assemble. “There will be a complete prohibition on marriage ceremonies in public places, banquet halls, and hotels,” the new lockdown order states.

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People who are traveling to such ceremonies will be allowed to travel on the production of a copy of the invitation card. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that corona cases and positivity rate has come down but no relaxation can be provided at this stage. “This wave is so dangerous and the first priority is to save lives. Jaan hai to jahaan hai,” Kejriwal said in a digitally televised speech.

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Strict Restrictions in Delhi, key points

1) Lockdown in Delhi extended till 5:00 am on 17 May 2021

2) Delhi Metro services will stop functioning during this week from 10 May onwards

3) No marriages will be allowed in hotels, banquet halls or public places. Marriages with maximum 20 people permitted at homes or at court

4) Service providers like hotels, gathering halls, caterers will either return the booking amount or agree to a mutually agreeable future date.

5) Number of police pickets on Delhi roads will be increased to prevent unnecessary movement.

6) All essential services will continue to operate and their personnel will be allowed to move on production of valid ID card or e-pass.

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7) Old e-passes issued for this lockdown will remain valid during the extension period

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