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Delhi, Climate and Water Adversaries

The National capital Delhi has been facing severe climate fluctuations which ultimately lead to adversaries. What could be the reason

By aakriti verma
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The National capital Delhi has been facing severe climate fluctuations which ultimately lead to adversaries. What could be the reason behind the drastic climate change? 

India has been scorching under the heat since the summer began but Delhi and most of North India have been facing adverse effects of these drastic climate fluctuations. As the days are being passed, the weather is getting severe and frequent warnings are being issued simultaneously by the Indian Meteorological Department. In lieu of the heatwaves and abnormally high temperature, schools too have changed their timings so that children can reach their places back before 12 PM or 1 PM.   

Furthermore, another adversary that the citizens are facing is the lack of availability of water. For the last few days, water scarcity is being faced in several parts of Delhi. People have been living miserably due to heat waves and water unavailability is acting as a cherry on the cake. Ground Report in their recent interview tried to cover the Crisis in Madanpur Khadar of New Delhi

In the recent initiative started by Ground Report ‘The New Normal’, we visited the Mandarpur Khadar Area in New Delhi and covered the crisis. Here is what our findings were “The lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities affecting resettlement colonies like Madanpur Khadar. The groundwater level has gone down in the area. People are buying water for daily needs because there is no other source of water. Govt. tankers are seen rarely in the area. Moreover, reduction of water levels in the Yamuna was frequently observed, last year in July, the levels reached all-time low levels since 1965. Delhi already has a demand-supply gap of over 380 million gallons of water every day.”

The water crisis in Delhi is visible, Extreme heat waves and exploitation of groundwater is causing serious problems in the Capital city of India. Heatwaves, Extreme weather, floods, drought, and cyclones, to put it simply consequences of climate change are a ‘New Normal’ that needs immediate attention. 

Furthermore, power crises were also exposed in the country and frequent electricity outages were experienced. It is also expected that in the upcoming scenario, the country could face a coal shortage and the risks of power outages could be more worsened. All these factors are somehow linked to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis as the world is facing a coal supply shortage, globally. This further is being viewed as the strong reason behind India’s increased imports and domestic cut warnings as well. It is further expected that India is expecting domestic coal supply to fall short by 42.5 million tonnes in the upcoming September quarter. 

After the coal minister released the statement regarding states’ demands will be taken into consideration, high global prices have been offered by the states. While on the other hand, the power distribution companies owned by the state government could come under pressure due to higher imports as the companies are already in debt and owe billions to generators because they have historically absorbed higher input costs to keep tariffs the same.

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