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Decoding Hijab Politics

Decoding Hijab Politics; “If Saraswati puja of Hindus and turbans of Sikhs are allowed in Indian educational institutions then why is Hijab

By Khazran Khan
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Decoding Hijab Politics

Ground Report | New Delhi: “If Saraswati puja of Hindus and turbans of Sikhs are allowed in Indian educational institutions then why is Hijab of Muslims being targeted? ” According to Article 14 of the Indian constitution: The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law. It implies that the right to equality is one of the fundamental rights of citizens of India and indicates that every person, who lives within the territory of India, has an equal right before the law. The meaning of this all are equal in the same line. No discrimination is allowed on the basis of religion, race, caste, gender, and place of birth. In broader terms, it also somewhere gives an individual a sense of freedom and equality to dress up as one wishes, thereby enabling equality to all.

But in present time the dirty politics of BJP for the ongoing election campaigns have strongly distracted the whole scenario to the hijab controversy which started back in Karnataka when a few, stalwart girls was chased by a pack of howls, hired by the RSS community and we’re not allowed to enter in the college premises in Karnataka. Not only this the situation worsened when the students of Jamia Milia Islamia, raged a protest against banning the hijab in educational institutes. The massive protest lead to immense disturbance to the Delhi police as the number of Protestants were increasing per hour. To hold the grip over the situation, Delhi police detained many of the students and almost 4-5 buses, filled with professionals of JMI were taken to Thana Mandir Mark.

All the protestants raised the slogans of “ BJP Murdabad, Modi Hye, Delhi police Murdabad ” and so on...  Many places in Delhi like Shaheed Bagh, North East areas of Delhi and all student wings joined the peaceful protest against the unbearable decision of the Indian judiciary system and were restrained at Karnataka Bhawan, New Delhi. This continued for many long hours and influenced the traffic and workplaces of other citizens.

But BJP is a party of stubborn and firm believers in the ideology of “ Hindutva ” that crossed all the limits of cruelty by outraging a war between Hindus and Muslims to gain support for its political policies. Arresting the youth and most importantly the students of its country is undoubtedly a matter of shame for all of the Indians. Despite that, Narendra Modi and other leaders haven’t broken their silence on the same topic yet. Perchance waiting for situations to get terrible, in order to secure their ground for votes and elections. Jumping on the same bandwagon, the Bajrang Dal of Jammu also issued their advisory to ban hijab in schools and colleges, thus proving their blind faith and devotion to BJP’s agenda of Hindutva.

India – also known for one of the world’s largest diversity is losing its every glorious title at the hands of illiterate politicians and mediocre people from RSS, Bajrang Dal, and BJP.  140 diversities in the country are currently present and to date, none of the citizens and non-citizens has witnessed such awful and sardonically disgusting scenes as the politics on Hijab did. Recalling correctly, one of the students of JMI involved in protest stated: “ if they’re so much worried about the dressing of people, leaving apart the other important matters of the country, then it's better for BJP to take a glance at CM Yogi Adityanath. Does in any sense he represents the picture of Neta ( leader )? ”

Adding more on the same, while talking to media reporters, JNU’s All Indian student association secretary commented and disgraced BJP by stating that:  BJP doesn’t want Muslim students to get educated. We have the right to wear whatever we want and no one has been given any authority to decide the dress code for humans. BJP is on purpose playing dirty politics with Muslims every time. ”

The question to ponder on from all these protests and outbursts among the youth is that “ How will a nation prosper when its students are being detained for standing for their rights and their voices are under constraints by these continuous arrests?” This definitely is not those “ Aachay Din ” that PM Modi promised to his countrymen.  “UP mai BJP Sarkar zaroori ” was a statement that Narendra Modi began with his speech, hence clarifying that how illiterates are ruling the country while facing the worst in every field and yet politicians are busy with their policies of getting more votes.

The issues of triple talaq, CAA, farmer’s protest and now hijab ban is showing openly that India is ironically moving too far from the development and there won’t be any compromise from BJP to replace the gifts of their so-called “ Aachay Din ” with  “ Buray Din” for their countrymen. Ending the article with humorous words of Narendra Damodar Modi :

“ India is the world’s most youthful nation. A nation with such youth power cannot dream small. We cannot commit this crime. We should dream big, we should enable the youth to dream big and we should give them an opportunity to realize their dreams. ”

And nevertheless to mention that the same youth of India is resting in jails and being detained because of the politics favoured by the BJP government. It is a matter of humility on account of all Indian’s who are ignoring these important issues of the country. Today it is the Hijab ban, tomorrow it will be a turban ban and then so on and so forth followed by many other such bans. Let’s unite this time to stand against the falsehood and lead this country to some development in a better sense.

The author is an engineering student and she can be reached at ([email protected])

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