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Data: List of state-wise eco Parks established over 5 years in India

Pralhad Joshi, the Minister for Coal and Mines said 15 eco-parks established over the past five years in different parts of India.

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Data: List of state-wise eco Parks established over 5 years in India

Pralhad Joshi, the Minister for Coal and Mines, disclosed in a recent session of the Lok Sabha that the Government has not provided any financial support for the establishment of 15 eco-parks over the past five years in different parts of India.

Minister Joshi said that the Government has not earmarked funds for the establishment of these eco-parks. Surprisingly, the Coal and Lignite PSUs have assumed financial responsibility for the creation and maintenance of these ecological parks. The establishments serve the recreational needs of the nearby communities, offering them serene spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While these eco-parks serve as recreational oases for nearby residents, it's notable that their creation doesn't just benefit the environment. Minister Joshi clarified that the eco parks are not intended to generate revenue for mining activities.

However, a unique case emerges in the form of the Kenapara Ecological Park in Chhattisgarh, operated and maintained by local self-help groups. These groups oversee the operation of a floating restaurant, a fish farm, and boating facilities within the park. The profits from these activities contribute to the livelihood of the Self-Help Groups, adding an interesting dimension of community participation and empowerment.

Eco parks State-wise & year-wise in 5 years

Sl. No. Financial Year State Name of the EcoPark
1 2019-20 Chhattisgarh Kenapara Eco Park, SECL
2 2020-21 Jharkhand Parasnath Udyaan, BCCL
3 2020-21 Tamil Nadu Mine-I Eco-Park, NLCIL
4 2021-22 Madhya Pradesh Modwani Dam Eco Park, NCL
5 2021-22 Madhya Pradesh Nigahi Eco Park, NCL
6 2021-22 Madhya Pradesh Bal Gangadhar Tilak Eco Park, WCL
7 2021-22 Tamil Nadu Mine-II Eco-Park, NLCIL
8 2022-23 Jharkhand Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Eco Park, BCCL
9 2022-23 Jharkhand Govardhan Eco Park, BCCL
10 2022-23 Odisha Chandrashekhar Azad Eco Park, MCL
11 2022-23 Odisha Utkal Upavan, MCL
12 2022-23 West Bengal Madhuvan Urja Vatika, ECL
13 2022-23 Telangana GK OC Eco-Park, SCCL
14 2023-24 Maharashtra Neem Vatika Eco Park, WCL
15 2023-24 Uttar Pradesh CS Azad Eco Park, NCL

Upcoming Eco-Parks: PSU Plans, Funds

Sl. No. State Name of New Eco-Park Estimated Fund (₹ in Lakh)
1 Chhattisgarh Manikpur Eco- Park, SECL 1111.00
2 Chhattisgarh Eco Nature Park, SECL 2464.00
3 Chhattisgarh Oxygen Park, SECL 210.00
4 Jharkhand B&K Eco-Park, CCL 252.00
5 Jharkhand Dhori Eco-Park, CCL 1233.00
6 Jharkhand Kathara Eco-Park, CCL 409.00
7 Jharkhand Piparwar Eco-Park, CCL 909.00
8 Jharkhand CRS Barkakana Eco-Park, CCL 143.00
9 Jharkhand Barka-Sayal Eco-Park, CCL 737.00
10 Jharkhand Hazaribagh Eco-Park, CCL 1196.00
11 Jharkhand N K Eco-Park, CCL 287.00
12 Jharkhand Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Eco-Restoration Park, BCCL 14.40
13 Madhya Pradesh Block-B Eco- Park, NCL 1200.00
14 Madhya Pradesh Butterfly Park, NCL 400.00
15 Odisha Jagannath Vatika, MCL 600.00
16 Rajasthan Barsingsar Project Eco-Tourism Park, NLCIL 147.80
17 Telangana Srirampur Open Cast-II Eco-Park, SCCL 50.00
18 Uttar Pradesh Khadia Eco-Park, NCL 400.00
19 West Bengal Jhanjra Eco-Tourism Park, ECL 1051.00

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