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What is Dark Brandon Meme?

Dark Brandon is trending on Twitter, everyone in the US at this time wants to know what is Dark Brandon, Here it is explained in simple terms.

By Pallav Jain
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who is dark brandon

Dark Brandon is trending on Twitter, everyone in the US at this time wants to know what is Dark Brandon. In fact, it's a meme made by combining the 'Let's Go Brandon' slogan and the aesthetics of Dark Maga. The term Let's Go Brandon was mostly used by Conservatives to refer to the failures of US President Joe Biden, such as the gas price hike and inflation. Let's Go Brandon is a shorthand script that means "F**k Joe Biden." Now Joe Biden supporters have created a dark Brandon meme along the same line, which praises the Biden administration. And shows Biden as a Tough leader.

The Rise of Dark Brandon

Al Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri was shot down by a US drone on July 31, 2022. It was seen as a success for Joe Biden. Biden's image was built in such a way that he is such a military leader who, despite being infected with Covid, succeeds in killing a terrorist like Zawahiri. Whereas at the same time his predecessor feels weakness in Covid.

Biden supporters used the Dark Brandon term to compliment Biden. Like 'Well Done Dark Brandon' means Well Done Biden. Biden is depicted as a superhero in dark Brandon memes such as light emanating from his eyes, sunglasses, high contrast colors have been used in them.

It's kind of like Biden's image makeover. The Biden administration was not able to do any effective work in its early tenure. At the same time, his government also seemed unsuccessful in controlling inflation. Biden's image was becoming that of a sluggish leader. Which the Republicans were taking advantage of.

The Biden government has seen a lot of success in the past few months. He has been successful in getting the Gun Bill, Veteran Care Bill, and CHIPS Bill passed. Climate change funding is coming soon. Under his leadership, the leader of Al Qaeda has been killed, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a strong message to China by visiting to Taiwan.

Biden supporters are using this meme fiercely and are projecting Joe Biden as a tough leader.

How does this meme start, you can read it here.

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