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Covid’s havoc 12 hours, 40 KM wanders, no hospital gave treatment, died in ambulance

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A 41-year-old man infected with the covid virus died in an ambulance on Thursday in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The victim was earlier taken to six hospitals in the city.

During this time he wandered for 40 KM for 12 hours for oxygen and beds in the hospital, but could not get treatment in any hospital.

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According to the English newspaper ‘TOI’, Santhosh had trouble breathing around 10 pm on Wednesday night. A volunteer named Hameed, who was with Santosh’s family during this time, told the newspaper -“Santosh had no symptoms of any kind. Neither he had fever nor phlegm.

Hameed, studying in class 12, came to know about Santosh’s deteriorating health on a WhatsApp group, after which he went to help him in a hurry.

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Hameed said, “Santosh’s oxygen level had come down to 84 per cent. After this I started making calls on 108 and 1912. One of the few calls was answered, connecting us to a hospital. We got an ambulance after calling 108 and a BBMP officer. However, we also had to wait for 45 minutes for the ambulance. ”

It is said that all the six hospitals returned Santosh and Hameed, saying that they were short of oxygen, while there were no beds. Whenever the hospital refused, Hameed would call 108.

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According to Hameed, “There came a moment when the person who answered from the other side shouted at me and said that I should work with my business, because I do not have a covid.” Upon reaching the hospital, the family took Santosh out and waited for another ambulance. While doing this, we wandered for 40 km in search of beds.

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Santosh died in an ambulance at 10.15 am in front of a hospital in northern Bengaluru on Thursday morning and his oxygen level had fallen to 34 per cent during that time.

Santosh came there 20 years ago from Gorakhpur in UP. He was a painting contractor and is survived by his wife and two children (one in 10th and the other in graduation).

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Hameed further explained, We sent his body to the Hubbal crematorium. His wife fainted three to four times, a view that I will never forget. This pain is very shocking.

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