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Covid now spreading rapidly in rural India

Ground Report | New Delhi: About half of the new cases of Covid-19 are now found in rural India. The covid virus crisis has been raging in India for the past one month and the situation has not improved much.

It is true that major cities like Mumbai and Delhi have seen some reduction in infection rates but the overall situation has not improved much.

Now another worrying thing is that the epidemic is spreading rapidly from the cities to the rural areas of the country, which has led to fears of severe loss of life and property. 

According to the latest figures, about 45% of the victims’ cases now come from remote rural districts where health facilities are almost non-existent.

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 A government report yesterday said that about 90 per cent of India’s population has signs of early exposure to the virus and that the trend could be dangerous in rural areas where hospitals and medicines are not available. 

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Some NGOs say victims are not being tested in rural districts and no accurate data is available. The list is topped by Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where people in many villages complain of high fever and coughs and colds.

A man from a village near Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, said that about 100 people in his village are currently suffering from diseases such as colds, coughs and fevers, and some have died.”

He said, “There is no test here and there is no government hospital, so the doctors have to spend on whatever medicine they give. What disease am I suffering from? Or what caused the death of a human being, nothing can be said with certainty.

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However, he said that almost all people have complaints of high fever and cough and cold. “Many people have been worried for more than the last two weeks as to why these symptoms persist despite constant medication.”

For the past nearly a month in India, COD 19 patients have been seen in several major cities struggling to get a bed and medicines in hospitals. There are many cases where people have died while waiting outside the hospital or dozens of patients have died due to lack of oxygen.

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Major cities like Delhi and Mumbai were said to be adorned with medical facilities and modern hospitals where efforts were also made to promote medical tourism. However, the situation over the past month makes it seem as if there is a famine of hospitals in these cities.

Experts say that if this is the situation of medical facilities in the cities of India, then what will happen in the rural areas. According to him, if the epidemic is not brought under control immediately, the situation could worsen as there are no hospitals for miles in rural districts.

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