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Covid-19: Second national lockdown announced in France

Ground Report| News Desk| French President Emmanuel Macron has imposed a second national lockdown following a second wave of corona outbreaks across the country, which will take effect at least until the end of November.

President Macron has announced that the lockdown, which will begin on Friday, will allow people to leave their homes only for necessary work and physical reasons.

Unnecessary businesses such as restaurants and pubs will remain closed but schools and factories will be allowed to remain open.

The Corona virus epidemic is currently at its highest level in France since April. On Tuesday, 33,000 new cases came to light in the country.

President Macron said the second wave is likely to exacerbate problems in the country and would be more devastating than the first.

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Emergency lockdown has also been introduced in Germany, although the intensity of the lockdown is mild, but there have also been announcements to close restaurants, gyms and theaters.

Corona virus cases are once again on the rise in Europe. There were 310 deaths and 24,701 new cases in the UK on Wednesday.

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What is the latest situation in France?

In his address on Wednesday, President Macron said France would now have to ‘apply the brakes’ so that it could survive the epidemic faster.

“The virus is now spreading so fast that even the worst predictions were unpredictable.” He said that half of the patients in the intensive care units of the country are infected with corona virus.

The president said people now have to fill out a form to get out of their homes, as was the case in the initial lockdown in March. Social events are banned.

“Like spring, you will be allowed to leave your home to go to work or to the hospital or to help a sick relative or to buy groceries.”

However, he said government services would be provided and factories would be allowed to remain open. He said the economy could not be stopped.

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