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Covid-19: Heartbreaking photo of exhausted nurse in PPE goes viral

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, its effects on healthcare systems around the world have been devastating.
This has been a significant challenge for healthcare workers, with many of them enduring long and tiring workloads.

As a result, the frontline workers suffered both mentally and physically. With the pandemic still far from over, healthcare workers continue to find themselves fighting not only the coronavirus, but also its psychological repercussions.

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A mounting crisis exacerbated by a surge in coronavirus cases in India has left the healthcare system facing an unprecedented challenge. This has an immediate impact on health care workers, who appear exhausted when caseloads soar.

The hardships experienced by health care professionals were again highlighted by a mental health professional on a Twitter thread.

Vandana Mahajan, a palliative care counselor based in Mumbai, revealed that she spent nearly a week in hospital after contracting COVID-19. During her stay, she said, as a mental health professional, she couldn’t help but interact with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

She posted a photo of an exhausted nurse in PPE resting while sitting on a chair.

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Mahajan shares snippets of her conversation with health care professionals. “I saw the hospital staff bear the brunt of that damn virus! I chatted with brothers and sisters …. With the housekeeping staff … With the young doctor on duty there, with my consultant who came to see me and support me too. , ” She said.

Mahajan also said that the doctors, nurses, as well as other hospital staff, were bearing the burden of the virus. She shared the story of a sister whose biological clock had been disrupted. The health professionals have got stomach problems and ulcers in their mouth. If a woman is menstruating, then changing the sanitary pad is humanly impossible in a PPE kit.

This post has been receiving immense support from people on Twitter. People have been commenting that medical professionals of the country deserve better healthcare and mental health counselling.

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In one of her tweets, she said that a nurse told her she had been working at the hospital since Covid hit.

Initially, she lived in a dormitory and sent his son to live with his parents. Now, that her son is taking exams, she has to go home and teach him after completing her shift. She said her husband who works at the bay will be home after four years, but she can’t go and pick him up at the airport.

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When Mahajan thanked another health worker for bringing her a glass of water, she said to me, “Nobody ever said that to me.”

She shared another story in which a nurse expressed her grief after a patient they had performed CPR on died.

“One sister told me that their biological clock has been compromised. They have stomach problems, ulcers in their mouths and if one of them is menstruating, changing their sanitary napkin is a humanly impossible task,” wrote one tweet.

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