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Covid-19 cases in all seven continents of the world

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The corona virus has reached Antarctica, which has so far been free of Covid 19 due to the virus. The Chilean military has confirmed 36 cases of the epidemic at the Bernardo O’Higgins research station.

The 36 included 26 soldiers and 10 caregivers who were transferred to Chile.

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This means that cases of Covid 19 disease have now been recorded in all seven continents of the world. Just a few days ago, the Chilean Navy confirmed that three people have been found corona positive on a ship carrying supplies and people at this research station.

The ship named Sarhento Aldia reached the research station on 27 November and returned to Chile on 10 December.

Three crew members of Corona were found positive after reaching the naval base in the town of Tellucano, Chile.

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The Chilean Navy claims that all the people who visited the Antarctic have been PCR tested and all are negative.

The Bernardo O’Higgins Research Station is one of four permanent bases in the Antarctic of Chile and is operated by its military.

Chile is the sixth most affected country in Latin America and so far there have been more than 585,000 Corona cases.

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The British Antarctic Survey, an organization conducting research in the Antarctic region, said in August that they were reducing their work due to the corona virus.

In India, the total number of positive cases in the last 24 hours after the arrival of 23,950 new cases of corona virus, total number of covid cases reached 1,00,99,066.

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At the same time, after 333 new deaths, the total number of deaths was 1,46,444. The number of active cases in the country is now 2,89,240 and the total number of recoveries is 96,63,382.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the delay in Corona vaccination in India.

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He tweeted, “2.3 million people in the world have been vaccinated by Corona. China, America, Britain, Russia have started vaccination work. When will India’s number come, Modi? “

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