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Home » Barring one, entire village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul tests positive for COVID-19

Barring one, entire village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul tests positive for COVID-19

Corona has caused havoc all over the world, the process of Unlock was started in several stages after several months of lockdown in India, after which the situation was gradually returning to normal and life was back on track. But once again Corona is showing its effect.

Barring one person, the entire people in Thorang village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul have been tested positive for coronavirus. 52-year-old Bhushan Thakur was the only person found negative during the testing. The district has been one of the worst affected in terms of population ration in the state.

In Himachal Pradesh, cases of corona are increasing continuously. Chief Medical Officer of Lahaul-Spiti, Dr. Paljor said that his team is requesting people to come forward and get their investigation done. So far 856 people have come positive in the district.

Six family members including the man’s wife are also infected. Bhushan Thakur (52) is the only person from the village who is not infected. Bhushan said that he followed the entire rules to protect against Corona. CMO Lahul-Spiti Dr. Paljor said that perhaps Bhushan’s immune system is very strong.

Despite the positive arrival of all the people of the village, Bhushan’s negative arrival is surprising. Five people from the village came first positive, after which the remaining people voluntarily decided to get the test done four days ago.

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Though there are around 1000 people living in this village, many people have gone to Kullu these days due to snowfall.

Bhushan said that ever since family members have come positive, he has been living in a separate room. Making food himself. He also sampled with family four days ago. Other family members turned positive in the report.

In such a situation, the administration has imposed a ban on the arrival of the tourist in view of the worsening situation. Tourists are not allowed on the north side of Rohtang tunnel.

It is being said that the people of the village had gathered during a religious program recently. Many people from nearby villages are also getting corona positive.

The state currently has 6,980 active COVID-19 cases.

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