COVID-19: Away from India, second wave causes terror in 4 countries with thousands of deaths

India is not alone in experiencing a tragedy with the second wave of the COVID-19 virus, but there are a number of countries.

Especially in the Latin American continent, that suffer from high Corona virus infections after the spread of several new strains of the virus called “Brazilian Covid”, and is considered the fastest spreading and most deadly in South America weeks ago.    

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Brazil is experiencing a more severe wave with over 4,000 deaths per day

Brazil recorded more than 4000 deaths from the Coronavirus for the first time, according to “BBC”, which confirmed that hospitals have become overcrowded, and people are dying while awaiting treatment in some cities.

The Brazilian health system has stated that it is on the verge of collapse in many regions, Several states reported insufficient supplies of oxygen and sedative drugs.

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The American Johns Hopkins University stated on its website that 32,572 new cases of the new Corona virus were recorded in Brazil on Monday, bringing the total confirmed cases of the virus to 14 million and 340 thousand and 787 cases.

At a time when the number of deaths rose to More than 390,000 cases were recorded, while 1,305 new deaths were recorded yesterday.

Peru is experiencing the most severe wave

The Republic of Peru is currently suffering from a wave that is considered the most severe from the Corona virus, and hospitals have witnessed an almost complete occupancy rate.

The prevailing belief that the deadly strain that appeared in Brazil and spread across the continent continues to claim more lives every day.

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“Oscar Ugarte”, Minister of Health in Peru, warned early this month that the Brazilian Covid had reached almost all regions, as his country sank in the most deadly stage of the emerging virus.

Corona spreads in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and Uruguay

The epidemic is spreading in a new wave in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and Uruguay, with some believing that the so-called Brazilian Covid is the reason for the spread of the epidemic on a large scale.

Latin American countries have recorded nearly a million deaths from the Corona virus, since the first infection was discovered in February last year.

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