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IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens candidates, rage on Twitter

IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens; The Online Entrance Examination of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) was

By Ground report
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IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens candidates

Ground Report | Ayushman Ojha: IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens; The Online Entrance Examination of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) was held on Sunday, 29th August in various cities. It was conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Soon after the exams, the students took on Twitter to express their rage against the IIMC and NTA Administration due to their poor management.

IIMC Entrance Examinations disheartens

IIMC is considered one of the top institutes in the field of Mass Communication in India. But their management of the entrance exams could not have been any sloppier. First of all, the students complained about the facilities of the test centres where the invigilators were totally unaware about the exam process and took ample time for the entry of students. On talking to the candidates, it was found that the entry which was supposed to close strictly at 9:30 A.M, went up till 11 A.M.

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There was Common Paper for all the subjects (other than the regional languages) and there was no relevance of the preference filled up in the Online form. The instructions regarding the process of examination were very vague from NTA and IIMC for the students who applied for more than one course. There were many reported cases of the rude behaviour of the officials. It did not seem like an entrance exam of an elite institute at all where the students had to keep their belongings on the street without any security.

Aspirants disheartened

Secondly, the thing which disheartened the IIMC aspirants was the set of questions. The question paper was drastically different than that of previous years. A media institute asking 60% to 70% of the questions from Polity, History, and less than 10% questions from the media field were quite unacceptable to the students.

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Some analysis of the paper was done and it appeared that media questions were so basic that it hardly required any knowledge in that field. It was an injustice to the students who covered all the things mentioned in the syllabus and paid special attention to the media scene for obvious reasons.

There are numerous tweets mentioning the IIMC and NTA Administration to get answers for such a blunder. It was beyond the acceptance that there were no Advertising and PR questions for the students who filled up for the same course. Many students are demanding a re-examination and some action to be taken regarding this issue. It seemed like throwing away the diligent efforts and hopes of the students.

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