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Conspiracy Theory is absurd, no hand in the stars’ tweet: Mo Dhariwal

The Poetic Justice Foundation of Canada (PJF) has issued a statement claiming that it has neither co-ordinated any activity related to demonstrations in India nor has Rihanna, Greta Thanberg, or any other celebrity tweeted to support the peasant movement.

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The Delhi Police is investigating the PJF in connection with the alleged conspiracy to create a toolkit shared by Greta Thanberg and to make the situation worse.

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The statement issued by MoJ Dhaliwal and Anita Lal, co-founders of the PJF, stated that the information being spread about their institution was “false in many respects, and completely false.” “

He said that this farmer is deliberately trying to divert attention from the more than 200 people who lost their lives during Andonal. He said that we have not given money to tweet anyone.

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“The complex and absurd conspiracies being constructed to link Poetic Justice Foundation to any number of actors worldwide are entirely fiction. Poetic Justice Foundation did not coordinate any protest activities occurring within India,” they said.

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“Poetic Justice Foundation did not coordinate Rihanna, Greta Thunberg or any number of specific celebrities to tweet about the #FarmersProtest. We didn’t pay anyone to tweet – and certainly didn’t pay anyone $2.5m to do so,” the statement said.

Earlier The Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India has officially issued a statement regarding these tweets.

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The ministry stated that “The Parliament of India passed reformist legislation related to the agricultural sector, after extensive debate and discussion. These reforms give farmers greater flexibility and wider market access. These reforms lead to economic and ecologically sustainable farming.” Pave the way. “

“A very small section of farmers in some parts of India do not agree with these reforms. The Indian government has started a dialogue with their representatives, respecting the sentiments of the protesters. In this effort, eleven rounds of talks have been held so far In which the Union ministers are taking part, not only the government, there has also been a proposal from the Prime Minister of India to postpone these laws.”

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