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Conspiracy is going on to confuse farmers: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the agricultural reforms that have been done, these are the same agricultural reforms whose farmers organization and even the opposition were demanding for many years.

Modi said that the Government of India has always been committed to farmer welfare.

Modi arrived in Kutch, Gujarat on the program of laying the foundation stone of the desalination plant and hybrid renewable energy park where he was also accompanied by the state Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister inaugurated many more projects. On this occasion, the Prime Minister also spoke on the steps taken for agricultural reform.

Modi said that “we want to assure the farmers that we will always address their concerns. Those who are sitting in opposition and confusing the farmers today, they used to support these agricultural reforms during their rule. “

“They could not take a decision during their government. Today, when the country has taken a historic step, these people are misleading the farmers. There is a conspiracy going on around Delhi to confuse the farmers. They are being scared that after the new agricultural reforms, the land of the farmers will come under the occupation of others. ”

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Giving the example of Gujarat, he said that there has been a lot of progress in the field of farming, fisheries and dairy production in the last two decades and the reason for this is the low interference of the government.

He praised the Gujarat government for bringing good schemes for the farmers and said that the government here has empowered its farmers and cooperatives.

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Earlier Nitin Gadkari said, “Efforts are being made to confuse the farmers.” What is wrong with all the three bills should be told. If you want to add something, then also tell what to add. Where farmers are unable to grow crops on barren land, what is the problem if it becomes agricultural with the help of corporate. No one can take the land of farmers. If the farmers of Punjab and Haryana do not have to do contract farming then do not.

Gadkari said, “This bill was discussed in Parliament. Even after this, we are ready for amendment ”.

Gadkari said, “A person from our Gadchiroli district was prosecuted in the Naxalite case. The court did not give him bail. Where did his picture come from in this movement? What is his relation to farming? Where did those who gave anti-national speeches come from in this movement? “Gadkari said,” We are not extracting any form of assessment. There are some elements who are taking advantage of the movement and trying to enter it. Some people are trying to take advantage of this wrongly. ”

Gadkari said, “Farmers are not very concerned with the photo shown. Farmers in my area are committing suicide and are constantly trying to stop it. We have 280 lakh tonnes of rice and there is no space to store it in the warehouse. We are working continuously for the interest of farmers. We are committed to making ethanol. We are constantly considering alternative uses of grains and sugarcane. I want farmers to talk. We are still ready for discussion and revision. If farmers get good suggestions, then we can make more than six amendments.


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