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covid-19 Myth: Common treatments debunked by doctor on twitter

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With COVID-19 taking over life, suddenly there are a number of things we are asked to do, including social distancing, wearing face masks, cleaning our hands every time we enter or leave the room. And all of this comes along with some myths and rumours that add to the confusion and hysteria.

A doctor on Twitter, Dr Haryax Pathak, who has tried to debunk some of these myths on a microblogging platform, as reported.

Covid-19 Myth 1

Face masks cause CO2 poisoning
Many people are reluctant to wear face masks, even after learning that it is one of the many ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from infection.

One myth circulating online states that wearing a face mask reduces oxygen levels and causes carbon dioxide poisoning. Wearing a mask will reduce O2 and cause CO2 poisoning.


Masker does not affect O2-CO2 gas exchange at all. Masks will not reduce oxygen or increase CO2 in your blood.
Dr. Pathak has debunked this myth, citing a study published in the journal Annals of the American Thoracic Society, which revealed that masks do not affect oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange or cause oxygen depletion or increased carbon dioxide in the blood.

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Covid-19 Myth 2

Alcohol consumption kills COVID-19
It’s no secret that hand sanitizers are very helpful in disinfecting germs and are made from alcohol. So some people think maybe consuming alcohol can help them get rid of the virus in their bodies.


Pathak, linked to the WHO demolition post, claims that is unlikely because the virus infects cells and consuming alcohol cannot actually kill the virus, but it can definitely cause liver damage due to alcohol poisoning.

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Covid-19 Myth 3

Regularly drinking whiskey or other alcohol will kill the virus in the throat. Another common myth claims that drinking too much water will help people get rid of the new coronavirus from the body.


Virus enters cells. Drinking a lot of alcohol will not kill the virus but it will cause alcohol poisoning and liver damage.

Pathak also countered this by linking to another WHO post around a mythical myth that claims that drinking too much water will help people get rid of the new coronavirus from the body, claiming that it will only help patients stay hydrated, will not be able to do anything about the new coronavirus.

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Covid-19 Myth 4

Vitamin supplement for immunity
Another trend thanks to random WhatsApp forwarding has many people taking vitamins to boost their immunity and prevent infection.

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However, Pathak has debunked this as well, citing other posts refuting WHO. Vitamins are essential for good immunity. But supplements should ONLY be taken if there is a deficiency, as recommended by a doctor. Excessive intake can cause poisoning.

For the myth of vitamin immunity, Pathak has stated that vitamins are good for immunity, taking supplements only work in case of a deficiency and on the recommendation of a doctor. Excess consumption can even lead to poisoning.

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