Chinese troops in Ladakh drove away herders; A complete story

Ground Report | New Delhi: Chinese troops in Ladakh; An independent councillor from Ladakh, Konchok Stanzin, has claimed that on January 28 last month, the Chinese army entered Chushul in eastern Ladakh and stopped a herd of Indian cattle from eating fodder there.

Urgen Chodon, BJP President of Nyoma Block Development Council, has also made a similar claim in a tweet. Chushul is located on the southern bank of Pangong Lake near Chinese-controlled territory.

“On January 28, PLA soldiers entered our territory and did not allow our cattle to graze,” Stanzin tweeted.

Stanzin also shared a video that was originally tweeted by Urgen. In this video, five people can be seen running after a herd of animals. However, it is not known who exactly these people are.

Indian Express quoted a source from the Indian Army and wrote that this video is old. According to the source, there is no snow in the video, which means that it is of summertime.

Chodon said the second incident he mentioned in his tweet took place on January 26 in the Changalam area. “A local nomad had crossed the Line of Actual Control to bring back his 17 yaks. On his way back, he was stopped by the Indian Army, who interrogated him and took him to a police station.

“I myself went to the Nyoma police station to bring back the nomads. Even though the IB men said that he was our nomad, the army did not agree and left him at the police station. Chodon claimed.

The defence source cited above confirmed that such an incident had happened, but also said that no yak was found with him. “Since the statement of the civilian and his actions did not match, he was handed over to the local police by the Army and ITBP as a precautionary measure,” the source said.

Urgen tweeted, “On January 28, the PLA Army entered our territory and did not allow our own cattle to graze. Indian Army did not take any action on it. Rather, our own shepherd who went to the LAC to collect his sheep was caught by the police. handed over to.”

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