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China will draw a ‘dividing line’ on Everest to stop Covid virus

China will draw a dividing line on Mount Everest so that the corona virus does not enter its border through climbers climbing from Nepal. In 2019, the corona virus was spread across the world from China itself.

In Everest’s base camp, dozens of people are suffering from covid-19. The outbreak of the second wave of Corona virus continues in Nepal. More than 30 people have been evacuated from Everest’s base camp. Everest divides the border of China and Nepal. 

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The northern part of the peak falls towards China. Officials in Tibet told the media that drastic steps can be taken to prevent climbers going from the north to contact the climbers coming from the southern end. The Xinhua News Agency has given this news.

The head of the Tibet Mountaineering Association told Xinhua that the mountain gaud would set the dividing lines at the top of the hill only after which the climbers would be allowed to climb. 

However, it has not been told how these lines will be drawn. Since April, 21 Chinese climbers have been allowed to climb Everest. These climbers had been in exile in Tibet before the mountaineering.

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China had banned foreign climbers from climbing Everest last year. Everest could not climb in Nepal due to the pandemic in 2020, but this year it issued a record number of permits. 

The fee for taking the Everest embarkation permit from Nepal is 11 thousand US Dollars, that is, about eight lakh rupees. Apart from this, climbers spend 40 thousand dollars i.e. about 30 lakh rupees for an expedition.


At any given time, there are more than a thousand people in the base camp built towards Nepal. In addition to foreign climbers, there are guides from Nepal who take them to the peak. 

In the last three weeks, there has been a rapid increase in the corona virus cases reported daily in Nepal and two out of every five people have been found infected after the test.

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