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China threat has not reduced at LAC: Gen Naravane

China threat has not reduced at LAC: Gen Naravane

Groud Report | New Delhi: China threat at LAC; Indian Army Chief of Staff General MM Naravane said the threat from China in the region has not abated while there has been a partial withdrawal of troops from several disputed areas in eastern Ladakh.

General Naravane’s statement came as military commanders from both countries met face to face on Wednesday for the 14th phase of talks to resolve the ongoing border standoff.

Speaking to reporters ahead of Army Day on January 15, General Naravane said that China implemented its Land Boundary Law on January 1, but India is not required to follow it.

General Naravane said: “China’s land border law has no place in bilateral relations. We do not accept it. Many agreements already exist between India and China. We are not bound by any of their new laws.”

General Naravane said, “There has been a partial success in ending the confrontation with China on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, but despite this, the threat on the northern border has not been reduced in any way.”

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The law, approved in the midst of the confrontation, stipulates that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China are sacred and inviolable.” It has raised concerns that it could be related to the dispute along the Line of Actual Control.

Naravane said that the situation throughout LAC “is stable and under control.” He added, however, that India is in a position to “deal with whatever is thrown at us in the future.” “War or conflict is always an instrument of last resort. But if it is resorted to, we will be victorious.”

Of the talks with China on Wednesday, Naravane said: “We are hopeful that we can resolve the issues at PP15 (Hot Springs), which is the one that is pending as of now.” (China threat at LAC)

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“A series of rounds will be required to deal with this situation and resolve them, one at a time,” the Army Chief said. “While we say that, while there has been a partial withdrawal, the threat has not been reduced in any way. The strength levels are more or less the same, and from our side they have been improved.”

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