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China producing 'mutant' soldiers: U.S. National Intel

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By Sharad Panwar
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In a chilling Op-Ed, the U.S. Intel chief has predicted that the China could be breeding genetically modified soldiers. The likelihood has been raised by John Ratcliffe, a former Republican Congressman and the present Director of National Intelligence under the Trump presidency. Ratcliffe has published an exhaustive report designating China as the most consequential menace to democracy and freedom after World War II.

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He says that Beijing is bent on global domination and is giving growing attention to biotechnology in its military policy to achieve its aspirations. He has warned that Chinese authorities have been carrying out human tests on the members of People's Liberation Army in the hopes of advancing soldiers biologically enhanced capabilities like lifting huge weights, infrared night vision, and running at high speeds over distances.

Ratcliffe farther alleges that there seems to be no ethical limit to China’s pursuance of power. Time and again several U.S. based think-tanks have circulated similar warnings about soldiers possessing no physical, physiological or cognitive limitations. Not too sure about genetic mutations, the Chinese regime has indeed been working on scientific advancements to boost the capabilities of PLA troops.

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In November last year, China’s mouthpiece, The Global Times published a report about how China was advancing towards building Ironman suits that would let soldiers fly. And then three weeks back, the media outlet carried another report on how Chinese scientists were developing exoskeletons to be used in high altitude regions. It said the exoskeleton could save 5-10% energy spent in walking, climbing and carrying goods.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry was quick in issuing a report, denouncing the claims and accusing the U.S. Government of being in a Cold War mindset. Chinese officials further alleged that DC was pushing unilateralism, breaking promises and peace alliances; damaging multilateralism and global cooperation.

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