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China's agents are behind Biden's team: Intelligence officials

A US intelligence official has said Chinese agents started trying to influence people of newly elected President Joe Biden's future govt.

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A US intelligence official has said that Chinese agents have started trying to influence the people of the newly elected President Joe Biden's future government.

William Avnina of the US National Intelligence Office has said that Chinese agents are keeping close watch on the people of Biden's team.

Avnina says that this Chinese effort was 'at its peak'.

Apart from this, an official of the US Department of Justice has said that more than 1000 suspected Chinese agents have fled from America.

In a virtual discussion at the Aspen Institute, William Avnina, counter intelligence chief of the National Intelligence, said that China had tried to intervene in the process of preparing the American corona vaccine and in the US election

He said - "We have seen an increase in these efforts, whose plan was already prepared." We had already predicted that China would restart its campaign to influence the new Biden administration. ''

"This harmful foreign influence is not only on the people involved in the new administration, but it is also being used on those who are close to those involved in the administration."

Our full emphasis will be on making sure that the new Biden administration understands this effect, what it looks like and can recognize it by feeling." ''

During the recent US election, Joe Biden accused the White House campaign of being "influenced by China". At the same time, Trump also accused Biden of being 'influenced by China' through Biden's son Hunter Biden's business deal with China.

On Wednesday, in the discussion of the same think tank, the head of the US Department of Justice John Demers said that during the last few months, hundreds of Chinese researchers who were related to the Chinese Army have been identified by the FBI.

Demers said that "the US authorities began this investigation when the arrests of five-six Chinese researchers who concealed their relationship with the People's Liberation Army of China".

"These five-six arrests were very few, till that time we had no idea that this number was so high."

He said that when the FBI questioned several people dozens of times, it was known that more than 1000 Chinese researchers who were attached to the Chinese army left the US.

He said that only China "has the resources and capacity" to carry out such alleged political-economic espionage and malicious activity.

Demers said that these Chinese researchers are different from the 1000 students whose visas were canceled in September this year.

In September, the Foreign Ministry said that "we welcome students and scholars from China who do not advance the goals of the Chinese Communist Party's military dominance."

In July this year, the Foreign Ministry closed China's consulate in Houston, Texas, accusing the United States of stealing intellectual property from the United States.

In return, China accused the US of racial discrimination against its people.

The relationship between the US and China has been tense for a long time, it started with the Trump administration increasing the duty on China.

After this, America's stand on Hong Kong and Corona epidemic has worsened the relationship between the two countries.