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China admitted, for first time, its soldiers died in Galwan

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China has admitted for the first time that in June last year, five officers and soldiers were killed in a clash with the Indian Army in the Galwan Valley of eastern Ladakh.

China’s official newspaper Global Times quoted the PLA Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese military, as saying that for the first time, China has ‘given names and details of them to pay tribute to the sacrificed soldiers in defense of their sovereignty’ .

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The PLA Daily wrote in its report on Friday that the Central Military Commission of China has identified and honored five Chinese officers and soldiers in the Karakoram Mountains.

For the first time in the report, the Chinese army has given a detailed account of the Galwan conflict and described how ‘the Indian army sent a large number of soldiers there who were hiding and forcing the Chinese army to retreat’.

The report also describes how ‘Chinese soldiers protected the sovereignty of their country amidst attacks by steel poles, pointed poles and stones’.

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PLA Daily reported, “Since April 2020, foreign forces violated previous agreements, started crossing the border to build roads and bridges and deliberately provoked the status quo on the border. They also attacked Chinese troops. Who were sent to talk. “

The newspaper, referring to a Chinese soldier Chen Xiangrong, wrote that ‘the soldier wrote in his diary that the number of enemies was very high, but we did not kneel. Despite their attacks with stones, we drove them away.

The conflict on June 15 last year in the Galwan been described as the most serious conflict in the last four decades on the India-China border.

In this, 20 soldiers of India were killed. India had announced the casualties of its soldiers at the same time, but China had never given any details of the damage done to its soldiers till now.

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Although India had been saying that the Chinese army has also suffered a lot. The Russian news agency Taas reported on 10 February that 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in the conflict.

Chian Feng, director of the National Strategy Institute at Xinhua University, told the Global Times that China has given details of the damage in the conflict to respond to the same misleading information that China was hurt more than India .

The Chinese Army has spoken of the killing of its soldiers in the Galvan conflict at a time when the withdrawal of troops from both countries from the northern and southern parts of Pangong Lake has started.

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