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Charges in Ghaziabad gang-rape case 'false: Police

Ghaziabad police said Thursday that the alleged gang rape by the kidnapping of a 38-year-old woman from Delhi was completely false.

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Ghaziabad "Gang-Rape Story" fake, Cooked up By the woman

Ghaziabad police said Thursday that the alleged gang rape by the kidnapping of a 38-year-old woman from Delhi was completely false.

Police arrested three friends of the woman. Police say all three were part of this conspiracy. Previously, due to the woman's complaint, the police had registered a case against five suspects.

Police said the woman's three friends have confessed to the crime of fabricating a false case. These three friends of the woman are Azad Tehseen from Welcome in Delhi, Gaurav Sharan from Badalpur in Gautam Budh Nagar and Mohammad Afzal from Kalia Bhatta in Ghaziabad.

Meerut IG rank Praveen Kumar told a press conference on Thursday night: "We have arrested the three friends of the woman. All three have accepted that the whole thing was a lie. We have also confirmed them on the basis of the evidence.

The rape drama was created in a property dispute against five people, who were previously considered suspects.

  • The news of gang rape after a woman was kidnapped in Ghaziabad on October 18 spread like wildfire.
  • Two days later, after an investigation, the police told that the drama of gang rape was deliberately created.
  • According to the police, the woman was not getting ready for the medical examination.
  • Police say that the three friends of the woman have admitted that they had planned the entire drama of gang rape.
  • According to the police, the woman did this for her own benefit in a property dispute.

Praveen Kumar said, "The woman was not getting ready for the medical examination initially. After a lot of effort, she got ready for the medical examination. When we started investigating the evidence, reality started coming out one after the other. Many things came to know from Azad's mobile. Paytm payment was made from Azad's mobile so this news is presented as a sensation. Even before this, two attempts were made to trap those five persons. This was the third attempt.

Police said that IPC sections 195 (giving false evidence), 467 (cheating) and criminal cases have been registered against the three friends of the woman.

The police have said that the investigation is still on and appropriate action will be taken against her as well. Regarding the brother, the police have said that he was involved in the conspiracy, it does not appear.

The police had registered a gang rape complaint on October 18. Based on the complaint of the woman's brother, the police had made five people suspicious. The woman's brother lives in Ghaziabad.

It was earlier claimed that the woman was abducted from near her brother's house on the night of 16 October by some people in an SUV.

It was said that the woman was then waiting for the auto to return to Delhi. It was claimed that the woman was found tied in a jute sack and dumped near her brother's house at 4 am on October 18.

His hands and feet were tied. It was claimed that the gang rape was done for two consecutive days at an unknown place.

The police on Thursday dismissed these claims outright. Police said that the woman was brought to the place in Ghaziabad by her friends in Gaurav's Alto car.

A spokesman for the GTB Hospital in Delhi told the Hindustan Times that a small "foreign object" was found in the woman. He said there were no internal injuries or bruises and only external scratches. On Wednesday, SSP Ghaziabad Muniraj ji said that the foreign object was a 5-6 cm long tongue cleaner.

An official investigating the case told the Hindustan Times, on condition of anonymity, "It has come to light in the investigation that the woman had gone home to Delhi after attending her brother's birthday in Ghaziabad and was married to her three children. ." He was sent to her sister's house.

The woman was in Delhi during the alleged gang rape. On October 17, the woman's three friends met near Vijayanagar in Ghaziabad. Azad sent Gaurav to bring the woman under the plan. The woman was taken to Ghaziabad in Gaurav's car. Gaurav did the same and left the woman there. This is where all the drama was created.

The investigating officer said: "Azad stayed to see who saw the woman and reported it to the police. On Tuesday, a local person called and said that a woman is lying in a suspicious condition. That caller also made a video. Yes watch that video carefully, Azad is also seen in it.

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