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What countries have the lowest rape rates?

What countries have the lowest rape rates

Ground Report | New Delhi: What countries have the lowest rape rates; While most countries have acts of sexual assault and laws against violence, many of them are incapable, inconsistent, and not systematically implemented. Most people hear rape and sexual assault against women, men around the world also experience harassment, physical violence, and rape every day.

Study says women aged 16-19 are four times more likely to be a victim of rape or sexual harassment, and women aged 18-24 are female college students are three times more likely to be victims of it experience sexual assault. Transgender people and people with disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of rape or harassment.

While the number of rape incidents and physical violence has been increasing in many countries in recent times, there are also countries where there have been no incidents of rape.

What countries have the lowest rape rates

Liechtenstein tops the list of countries that have reported minor rape cases. Liechtenstein has a population of 38,137, and no cases of rape we reported in 2020.

Egypt was second on the list, reporting a rape incidence of 0.10 per 100,000 people. The population of the country is 102,334,404.

Mozambique ranked third in h 44 rape incidents so far in 2020.

Azerbaijan has a population of 10,139,177, 16 rape incidents have been reported, and the rate is 0.20.

Armenia: With 2,963,243, 11 rape incidents in Armenia, the country rate was 0.40.

Tajikistan’s rate was 0.50; the country of 9,537,645 people had 27 rape incidents so far in 2020.

Lebanon has a population of 6,825,445. With 19 rape cases reported, the rate was 0.50 in the Middle East.

Turkmenistan had a rate of 0.60, with a rate of 6,031,200 people in the country at 27.

Serbia is ranked ninth on the list with a rate of 0.70. So far, in 2020, 72 rape incidents have been reported in a country of 8,737,371 people.

Albania reported 24 rape incidents in 2020, with a population of 2,877,797; the rate was 0.70.

Yemen, Nepal and Syria continued to list with rape incidence rates of 0.80;

Japan and Guinea had a rape incidence rate of 1.

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