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Rape cases that proved false in India

There are many such cases where women fail to prove that violence has happened to them, but it does not mean that violence did not happen.

By Ground Report
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false rape cases in india

False rape cases in India; In 2014, the Delhi Commission for Women submitted a report stating that 53.2% of rape cases registered between April 2013-July and 2014 in Delhi were false.

In India, the threat of false rape cases on one pretext or the other is increasing since the new amendment to the rape law in 2013. This fact is evident from the study of court judgments and media reports by fast-track courts constituted across the country including Delhi.

However, this does not mean that women in India are misusing their rights. Actually, there are many such cases where women fail to prove that violence has happened to them, but it does not mean that violence did not happen. Many women in India who are victims of atrocities have to struggle in society to prove the crime committed against them. Powerful people win cases on the basis of money and the fight for women remains incomplete. In many cases, women are forced to withdraw their cases.

Even among the so-called 'false' cases, there is a lot that the data does not say, including the factors that may lead sexual violence survivors to withdraw their complaints, turn hostile during investigation or trial, or settle outside court.

What data says?

If we see a national scenario, according to the figures from National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) Crime in India report 2020, less than 8% of all cases under investigation for rape were found to be 'false'. 

A total of 38,947 rape cases were registered in India. In 10,068 cases - almost a quarter - women claimed it was rape on a false promise of marriage. In many cases, false rape allegations are the result of parents hiding the "shame" of having sex with an unmarried daughter.

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List of False rape cases in India

We have made a list of recent cases turn out as false

Gurugram False Rape Case

On December 29, Gurugram police broke up a 'honey trap' scheme and arrested a 22-year-old Girl. She confessed to her crimes of accusing men of false charges of sexual assault and extorting money.

In a video, she said: “Yes. I file a complaint against the guys who cheat on me. Even if it's just a one-day relationship. Once the boy left me in a room at Oyo for an hour and ever since then I have been afraid of the name Oyo. They arrested him after I complained," the defendant is heard saying in the audio.

Manager kills self After woman accusation sexual harassment

Amit Kumar died by suicide on Aug 30, He left a 5-page suicide note alleging extreme humiliation by his company Optum Global Solution over charges of sexual harassment which he said were false.

A girl from Jabalpur filed 6 false rape cases against 6 men

A girl from Jabalpur has filed six rape cases against five different men in the city of Jabalpur in a span of six years. She filed a rape case against the first man she implicated, married him, and then refiled dowry, domestic violence, and rape cases against him. After this, from 2021 to July 2022, she filed four more rape cases against four other different men.

Woman fined Rs 10k for a false rape case.

On April 26, 2022, A woman from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, who had accused her husband of raping her before marriage, was fined Rs 10,000 by the Allahabad High Court for registering a false FIR against her husband.

Indore teen tries to fool police in a fake rape case

In January 2021, Indore police registered a rape case after a 19-year-old girl alleged that she was abducted and gang-raped by five men and thrown on train tracks. A tenant of the house where she lived was arrested by the police after she claimed in her statement that she was one of the criminals. The girl kept changing her statement throughout the investigation and after much investigation, she and her inner partner revealed that they had fabricated the story. She was involved in a similar case earlier as well and got compensation of Rs 2 lakh from the government, so it is very possible that she has hatched a fake scheme to earn some more money.

Man spent 20 years in jail in a false rape case

Vishnu Tiwari of Lalitpur spent two decades in jail for a crime he never committed. In September 2000, police arrested Vishnu in a rape case in which the woman, her husband, and her father-in-law testified that Vishnu had taken advantage of the woman in the field. He was charged with sexual and physical assault on a woman when she was five months pregnant. After 20 years, the Allahabad High Court, accepting the truth, released Vishnu Tiwari from jail.

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Woman accuses neighbor of raping daughter

In another incident in Ghaziabad, a woman accused her neighbor of raping her daughter at night. A person named Rajat was arrested by the police on the basis of a complaint lodged against him. During the judicial process, the judge in the case found that the allegations against Rajat were false and there was no evidence against him. The woman was fined Rs 20,000 and would be imprisoned for 15 days if she did not pay the amount.

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Women falsely accused two men of gang rape

In another case, a woman accused two men of gang-raping a car in Maharashtra's Satara district in 2019 on the promise of a job. During the investigation of the crime, it was revealed that one of the defendants was out of the country when the alleged crime took place and the other was in Pune. The woman had filed a complaint to malign the image of men in society.

Younger daughter falsely accuses father of rape

In 2017 in Ghaziabad, a girl accused her own father of rape. At the instigation of the maternal uncle, the girl lodged a false complaint. His father was arrested by the police on the basis of a complaint and spent three years in jail for a crime he never committed. Later during the trial, the daughter admitted that she had filed the complaint at the insistence of her uncle and that her father was innocent. His maternal uncle has been sentenced to one month in jail and a fine of Rs 50,000.

Woman accuses a man of raping minor children

A woman in Mumbai has accused a 52-year-old man of raping her minor children. The man was arrested and spent two years in prison for the crime. Woman files false complaint as a man could have told her husband about her involvement with another man

Woman fakes rape story to marry boyfriend

On Dec 15, A 19-year-old woman, who filed a fake police complaint of gang-raping allegedly for marrying her boyfriend, kept Nagpur Police on its toes all day.

Police said that after more than six hours of effort and interrogation of over 50 people, the police concluded that the woman had fabricated the story of gang rape. After taking the facts in hand, the police questioned the woman and asked her if she had made up the story. The woman told the police that she did this to marry her lover.

In a patriarchal society, men are not considered guilty, the woman is considered to be at fault. Especially when the criminal is a celebrity. This has been observed in many cases.

Looking at the increasing number of false rape cases in India, it is wrong to jump to the conclusion that women are misusing the law. There is a need to strengthen India's judicial system in which women can prove the atrocities committed against them without any fear.

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