State of Working India’23: relationship b/w economic growth and social disparities in India

‘State of Working India 2023’: relationship b/w economic growth and social disparities in India

42% of graduates under the age of 25 are unemployed. This is the data point which is floating around on the internet. The data comes from Azim Premji University’s State of Working India Report 2023. But, there is more unpack in the report. Here, let me help you out. Structural transformation in the nature of … Read more

Not LPG, through solar-powered cooking, India can achieve net zero!

Solar cooking in india

Still, even 58 years after it was introduced, about 43% of the population does not use LPG as their primary cooking fuel. Solar cooking would make our fight against climate change more inclusive and efficient. 

Melting glaciers thaw the growth of Ladakh’s ice hockey

ice hockey in ladakh is in danger

Deachen Spaldon, Ladakh | At an elevation of over 3,000 meters above sea level, Ladakh is an ideal place for the region’s favorite winter sport – ice hockey. The sport was started in eastern Ladakh around 50 years ago by the Indian Army as a downtime game for army men. Over the years, the sport … Read more

Forgotten Girls of Hill Villages

potrait of Indian girl

The lived realities of these young girls tell us that it is of utmost importance for developmental policies to be inclusive of all genders, ages, and classes. 

GRFC 2023 Report: 25.8 crore people were battling hunger last year

Global Report On Food Crisis (GRFC 2023)

The year 2022 was a year of instability for the whole world. This was the year when the Sunni Islamic fundamentalist organization Taliban re-captured India’s neighboring nation: Afghanistan. In the same year, the war between Ukraine and Russia, with worldwide speculations of World War III. Apart from this, many countries like Sudan, Syria, Congo, Ethiopia, … Read more

Why Recycling plastic is practically impossible?

Plastic Recycling declines even as Plastic waste increases

A recent study by an international team of scientists indicated that plastic recycling facilities may be contributing to the pollution of waterways and posing a threat to human health by releasing wastewater contaminated with billions of tiny plastic particles. The team collected water samples from a recycling facility in the UK and estimated that up … Read more

‘Bin free’ Panaji’s sustainable waste management revolution, Explained!

Bin free' Panaji's sustainable waste management revolution

Panaji, the capital city of Goa, has set an example in the field of solid waste management with its innovative model. The city has been able to achieve a remarkable feat by becoming the first city in India to be declared ‘bin-free.’ This implies that all forms of waste produced in the city are sorted … Read more

The Story of Lalita Mukati: advocating for organic farming in MP’s Barwani

lalita mukati organic farming in Barwani

A revolution is taking shape in a Madhya Pradesh village. With higher crop yields, farmers are now making more money than ever. The revolution was formed by a 50-year-old homemaker, Mrs Mukati. Lalita Mukati and her village of Borlai at MP are the main focus of this tale. She currently makes between Rs 80,000 and … Read more

Launda Naach, Traditional Male Prostitution in India

Launda Naach Tradition

Art for Art Sake, Not for Harassment Sake Launda Naach is a folk art form from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. The art form dates back to the 11th century. Back then, women were not allowed to perform in public ceremonies. This cloistered existence of women made men take up the roles of traditional entertainers. The … Read more

Jal Sahelis battle water scarcity and drought in Bundelkhand region

Jal Saheli water conservation in Bundelkhand

In the drought-prone Bundelkhand region, over 1,300 women are maintaining and restoring water sources. These Jal Sahelis have helped 300 villages to install hand pumps so that women won’t have to go far to take water. The Jal Sahelis have helped 113 villages become water self-sufficient. The Bundelkhand Region Bundelkhand region is between the Yamuna … Read more