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‘#CanadaHasFallen’ trending, People calling Trudeau ‘Dictator’

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Canada Has Fallen: Canadian truckers have been on strike for the past few weeks because of the vaccine mandate. They have blocked many roads and bridges. Seeing the deteriorating situation, the Justin Trudeau government of Canada has declared a national emergency in the country, under which the civil rights of citizens are canceled.

To end the protest, the government has warned that it will freeze the corporate accounts of these truckers and cancel the license. This is happening for the second time in the country that a national emergency has been declared to overcome any crisis. The harsh measures taken by the government are being condemned and Justin Trudeau is being compared as a Dictator on social media.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told a press conference that the move was a step to stop funding protesters who illegally block roads. Today we are just issuing a warning that if these trucks are not removed then your corporate accounts will be blocked and your vehicle insurance will be suspended. Take your trucks home because they are obstructing the important work of the government, this step of yours will make us all poorer.

Let us tell you that after the order of the government, banks will have the right they can freeze the bank account of any person involved in illegal activity without taking the order of the court. The move is being opposed on social media. People say democracy is being murdered in Canada, and Prime Minister Trudeau is acting like a dictator.

Why Truckers blocked Roads in Canada?

Protests against the Trudeau government’s vaccine mandate program began in Ottawa on January 28, which gradually spread across the country.

This protest was named Freedom Convoy. For several weeks, truckers have blocked all-important roads in the country, due to which the country’s trade and supply chain has come to a standstill.

The government says that anti-national elements are funding these truckers. They are getting funds illegally from cryptocurrencies and other crowdfunding sources which are encouraging illegal activities. To deal with this problem, the government has declared an emergency in the country, which has been rarely seen in the history of Canada. From this, you can understand how big this crisis is.

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4 thoughts on “‘#CanadaHasFallen’ trending, People calling Trudeau ‘Dictator’”

  1. Trudeau just took the gloves off a bit quicker than other countries because he is a petulant child in many ways and this is how spoilt children react when things don’t go their way. The only good thing out of this is the more he uses an iron fist to solve problems the more he will turn Canada against him. He has entered into a game which he has already lost.

      1. He is not a honourable man and I agree but if you did this globally we would have prisons filled with politicians and experts. Better to make them live their lives in destitution, shunned by the world but I have a mean streak in me tbh.

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