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Boris Johnson unaware of Farmer's protest, says India-Pakistan should solve this

British PM Boris Johnson felt farmers protest is an issue between India and Pakistan and said both shoul resolved through negotiations.

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The issue of farmers' movement in India is arising in the Parliament of foreign countries. On Wednesday, Sikh MP from the Labor Party Tanmanjit Singh raised this issue once again in the British Parliament.

Tanmanjeet Singh asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a question about this. Johnson appeared completely unaware of the issue when he began to answer. They felt that this is an issue between India and Pakistan and said that both countries should be resolved through bilateral negotiations.

Farmers in India have been protesting against the new agricultural law of the Modi government on the road for the last two weeks. The farmers say that their livelihood will be ruined by the new agricultural law of the government.

Tanmanjeet Singh has been vocal about criticizing the policies of the Modi government in Britain. He had also raised the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA in the British Parliament.

In the presence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday, he asked, "The footage of the use of water canon and tear gas on many areas of India and especially the farmers of Punjab who are protesting peacefully is disturbing. Will the British PM inform the Indian Prime Minister about our concerns? We hope that a solution to the current deadlock will be found. They should understand that everyone has a fundamental right to demonstrate peacefully.

When Johnson started answering, he felt as if he was not ready at all. He said, "Obviously whatever is happening between India and Pakistan is worrying." This is a disputed issue and the two governments have to find a solution together. ”Tanmanjit Singh was left speechless after listening to the Prime Minister's reply.

Tanmanjeet Singh is quite active in Britain about the performance of farmers in India. He has also signed a letter from 35 other MPs in support of the farmers.

He has criticized Boris Johnson's answer on Twitter. Tanmanjeet Singh has written, "It would have been nice if our Prime Minister knew what he was talking about."

Gurpatwant Singh, leader of a Sikh group in Britain, told the British newspaper The Guardian, "We are deeply disappointed that our Prime Minister is confused about the farmers' movement in India and the border dispute between India and Pakistan." People's life is at risk and the Prime Minister should focus on it. The situation is not good in Punjab. The peaceful demonstration of the farmers is being forcibly crushed. ''

The UK government has refused to say anything about the ongoing farmer movement in India. The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office has said that it is an internal matter and said that it is an issue of the Government of India.

The news of the British PM's response has also been published in newspapers there. Earlier, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had expressed concern about the attitude of security forces with the peasant protesters and said that his government has always been supportive of peaceful protests.