What Bombay high court said about Bullet Train Project?

The Bombay High Court has dismissed a petition filed against land acquisition for the Bullet Train. The court said that this project is the dream of the country and it will only benefit the people.

The Godrej & Boyce Company had filed a petition against the acquisition of land in Mumbai’s Vikhroli area by the Maharashtra government and the NHSRCL High-Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train.

A bench of Justice RD Dhanuka and Justice MM Sathaye said, when fundamental rights conflict with each other, the court has to see what is in the public interest. Because public interest is more important than private interest.

In this case, the Maharashtra government had said that the entire project is stuck due to opposition from Godrej Bouce Company.

In fact, till now only the land of Godrej Company has not been acquired. The company had demanded a compensation of 572 crores but so far only 264 crores have been given to them.

The court said that in the case of land acquisition, negotiations cannot be done at the private level.

Let us tell you that a 508-kilometer bullet train track is to be built between Mumbai-Ahmedabad. It has a 21-kilometer track underground. The underground tunnel has an entry point in Vikhroli which is owned by Godrej Company.

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