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China started bullet train in Tibet, will pass near Arunachal Pradesh

China started bullet train in Tibet

Ground Report | New Delhi: China has started a bullet train for the first time in Tibet on Friday. This bullet train has started between Lhasa and Ningchi, the capital of Tibet. Its route is connected to Arunachal Pradesh of India. This route is 435.5 km. It comes under the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. It has been inaugurated when the ruling Communist Party of China is going to celebrate its centenary on July 1.

China’s official news agency Xinhua has written that the first electric bullet train has been started in the Tibet Autonomous Region on Friday. The Sichuan Tibet Railway will be the second within Tibet after the Qingachi-Tibet Railway. (China started bullet train).

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In November, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave instructions regarding the new rail project in Tibet. It is being said that this new railway line will play a big role in the security and stability of the border. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway will start from Chengdu, which will reach Kando in Tibet via Yan’an. This reduced the travel time between Lhasa and Chengdu from 48 hours to 13 hours.

China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is part of southern Tibet. There is a dispute between India and China on the 3,488 km border on the Line of Actual Control. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway will be the second train service in the Tibet region after Qinghai. In November last year, President Xi Jinping had instructed officials to expedite the construction of this railway project.

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Jinping said, “The new railway line will play an important role in protecting the border stability.” The Sichuan–Tibet Railway starts in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, and enters Tibet from Kamado, passing through Yan. This will reduce the journey from Chengdu to Lhasa from 48 hours to just 13 hours.

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