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BJP afraid of truth: Rahul Gandhi

BJP afraid of the truth Rahul Gandhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: BJP afraid of truth; Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I talked to the media like friends. But it works not for us, but for their friends.

J&K is my house

He said that when I came to Jammu and Kashmir, I feel that I have come to my home. My family has an old connection with Jammu and Kashmir. Rahul said that I am happy to be here, but I am also sad. The reason for sadness is that here the spirit of brotherhood, RSS, and BJP are working to eradicate it.

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Addressing Congress workers, Rahul Gandhi said that the economy, tourism, and business of Jammu and Kashmir have been hurt. Questioning the policies of the BJP, he said, “Due to demonetisation and GST in India, has the power of Maa Lakshmi Ji decreased or increased? Has the power of Durga Maa decreased or increased due to the three black laws made by the farmers?

“When an RSS person is installed in every institution, college, and school in India, does the power of Mother Saraswati decrease or increase? The answer is – it happens. Rahul Gandhi said that all these powers had increased during the tenure of Congress.

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BJP afraid of the truth

He said, “On the other hand, when Congress party implemented MNREGA when Congress party gave 9% GDP growth to India, has the power of Maa Lakshmi, Maa Durga and Maa Saraswati decreased or increased? The answer is has increased.

Those who call themselves Hindus, insult these powers. “What did you do, attacked the brotherhood, love that existed between you, weakened you, and then took away your statehood. When your statehood is gone, the power of Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga has increased or decreased.”

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“You should ask these questions to BJP that why are you destroying the powers of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati.” Comparing the symbol of the hand in different religions with the symbol of the Congress party, he said that the hand does not mean blessing but “it means do not be afraid, do not be afraid to speak the truth and that is why the Congress party is left.” He said that “BJP is afraid of the truth, BJP is afraid.”

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