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Afghan Embassy in India rejects new Taliban cabinet

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghan Embassy in India rejects; The new cabinet announced by the Taliban in Afghanistan has been rejected by the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi. On Wednesday, the Afghan embassy issued a statement condemning the new Taliban cabinet and calling it illegal. The English newspaper Indian Express has given a prominent place to this news.

There is no statement from India on the announcement of the Taliban yet. India too did not respond to the statement of the Afghan Embassy. The Afghan Embassy has distanced itself from the Taliban government. The Taliban is now facing a crisis of international recognition. India has also not said anything on recognizing the Taliban so far.

Afghan Embassy in India rejects

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India’s recognition for the new Taliban government is important as India is still a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and the UNSC Sanctions Committee is also headed to India.

The United Nations will also have to decide on a new Taliban government as the validity of the UN Cooperation Mission in Afghanistan expires this month.

The UNSC Sanctions Committee will decide whether to continue or lift the sanctions as several Taliban cabinet members are on the list of terrorists. Of the 33, 17 are cabinet members who are on the UN list of terrorists. That is, more than half the cabinet ministers.

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Violation of fundamental rights

The statement issued by Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry, which essentially represents the previous regime, said that the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which emerges from the free will of the people and embodies the vision and aspirations of millions of citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice. The cause of their country’s sovereignty, democracy, independence, and independence condemned the Taliban’s declaration.

It said the decision “goes against the will of the absolute majority of the people of Afghanistan”, “undermines Afghanistan’s national interests, including international agreements, relevant UN Security Council, and UN Human Rights Council resolutions and security, stability and security.” unity, and prosperity of the country and its people”.

Furthermore, it said that “it goes without saying that the Taliban has once again reaffirmed its blatant disregard and violation of fundamental rights and the vital role of Afghan women and other sections of society”.

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