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Home ยป Police officer and female constable suspended for sexual activity in pool

Police officer and female constable suspended for sexual activity in pool

Police officer and female constable suspended for sexual activity in pool

Ground Report | New Delhi: Police officer and female constable; A Rajasthan Police Service (RPS) officer and a woman constable are allegedly indulging in sexual activities in a swimming pool, a video of which has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, it is seen that the lady constable and the circle officer are also doing dirty things with each other.

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Police officer and female constable

The video clip purportedly shows Hiralal Saini, an RPS officer working as a circle officer of Bewar, Ajmer, indulging in sexual activities with a woman constable of Jaipur Police Commissionerate in a swimming pool. Both were in a semi-naked state. Shockingly, the six-year-old son of the lady policeman was also present in the swimming pool when both of them indulged in sexual behavior.

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Both the police personnel have been suspended and a departmental inquiry has been ordered against them. During the suspension period, the headquarter of RPS Hiralal Saini has been kept as the DGP office and the headquarter of the women constable has been kept as Reserve Police Line Jaipur Commissionerate. Where both have been ordered to report daily.

Husband of female constable lodged complaint

The husband of the accused woman policeman told TOI that on August 2, he has lodged a complaint against his wife and RPS officer at Chitawa police station in Nagaur district of the state. The complainant said that he tied the knot with the woman in the year 2001. Six years ago, they were blessed with a child. In 2008, he got the job of constable in Rajasthan Police.

On July 13, she uploaded a video in which she was seen indulging in sexual activity with an RPS officer in a swimming pool in the presence of her minor son, the complainant said, adding that her relatives and others who were familiar to her saw the clip.

After the video went viral on social media, both the policemen were suspended on Wednesday. Trying to determine the date and location of the clip. The complaint lodged by the constable’s husband has been sent to the DGP’s office.

However, the accused Police officer says that the video in which he is seen with the female constable has been edited. The allegations against him are false. The matter is under investigation.

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