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Bihar: Over 150 dead bodies of Covid fatalities dumped in river Ganga

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The bodies of a corona-positive patients were thrown into the river in Nagar Parishad city in the state of Bihar bordering eastern Uttar Pradesh show piles of bodies in river Ganga.

As per the Locals over 150 dead bodies which have been reported as COVID fatalities were dumped on the banks of the Ganga river.

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These COVID bodies will be washed down further and can be eaten by stray dogs which will further spread coronavirus.

Earlier in a shocking incident, the staff of Katihar Hospital in Bihar dumped the bodies of covid victims into the river. The video of the incident has gone viral.

The case caught fire when the video of the incident went viral. After which the district administration has taken it seriously. 

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In a viral video the hospital staff throwing bodies out of an ambulance and throwing them into the river. The scenes highlight that there is no death dignity for the covid victims and that the staff do not care for the corpses or perform the last rites. 

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Meanwhile, the Katihar district administration has ordered an inquiry after the video of covid dumping dead bodies in the hospital went viral.

The District Magistrate said that for this, CS has been ordered to present the investigation report related to the case within 24 hours. In which a committee has been asked to investigate. SDO Sadar is also included in this committee.

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District Magistrate Udayan Mishra said that as per preliminary information, it was a dead body of a local citizen and the body is buried in their land along the river under the supervision of the people of their house. 

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However, this is not satisfactory yet, so only after investigation on the whole matter, something will be clear. In this case, if someone has made a mistake, then definitely action will be taken.

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