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Big Breakup in Bihar, Understand the Number Game

Bihar Number Game: Once again a Maha Gathbandhan government is going to be formed in Bihar. BJP's Operation Lotus has failed in Bihar.

By Pallav Jain
New Update
Nitish Tejaswi mahagathbandhan bihar

Bihar Number Game: Once again a Maha Gathbandhan government is going to be formed in Bihar. BJP's Operation Lotus has failed in Bihar. Nitish Kumar exposed the conspiracy of the BJP in time and broke his 5 years old alliance with BJP.

BJP was about to form its government by breaking JDU on the same lines as Maharashtra, where like Eknath Shinde, RCP Singh was helping BJP in breaking JDU.

Let us first understand the number game of how the new government will be formed in Bihar.

Number Game of Bihar

Bihar Number Game

There are a total of 243 seats in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, 122 seats are needed here to form the government.


NDA: BJP and JDU had 127 seats, which was just 5 more than the majority.

MahaGathbandhan: On the other hand, the opposition had 115 seats, which was just 7 seats behind the majority.

Party wise seats

Total seats 243, majority figure 122

  • RJD largest party - 80 seats
  • BJP second largest party - 77 seats
  • JDU number three party - 45 seats
  • Congress - 19 seats
  • Left- 16
  • HAM- 4
  • independent 1

After breaking the alliance with BJP, the largest party is called to form the government, now RJD is the largest party. JDU, Congress, Left, and HAM came together to form Alliance.

In such a situation, there are a total of 164 seats in the Grand Alliance camp, which is much more than the majority.

14 MLA of RJD is facing suspension from the assembly. even after that grand alliance will form government easily.

What was the plan of the BJP?

BJP needed 45 MLAs to form the government. They wanted to make their chief minister in the state by breaking JDU through RCP Singh and breaking some MLA of Congress. But Nitish Kumar understood this conspiracy and announced to break the alliance.

The reason for Nitish Kumar's displeasure

  • BJP was trying to sideline Nitish Kumar since the formation of the government.
  • Publicity was being done in the state that Nitish would be the chief minister only till 2024.
  • By pitting Chirag Paswan against Nitish Kumar, the BJP reduced JDU's seats in the election.
  • BJP wanted to become the largest party in the state, for this, it inducted 3 MLAs of ally Mukesh Sahni's party BJP.
  • Nitish understood this and broke 4 MLAs of Asaduddin's party to join RJD so that RJD remains the single largest party.
  • Nitish had demanded two ministers from JDU's quota at the Centre. He wanted to make Lallan Singh a minister along with RCP Singh.
  • Modi's government made only one minister.
  • Through RCP Singh, BJP was trying to break JDU.
  • RCP Singh had said that JDU is a sinking ship.
  • JP Nadda had said that in the coming time regional parties will end, and only BJP will survive.
  • Nitish was angry with this statement.
  • The distance between Nitish and BJP was increasing since the formation of the government.
  • Nitish started getting closer with the RJD long back.

Now Nitish and Tejashwi's government is being formed once again in Bihar. The leaders of the Grand Alliance are meeting the Governor with their support letter. Tejashwi Yadav can take over the post of Home Minister in the government.

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