Bharat Bandh: All vegetable markets of Delhi will remain closed

In support of the farmers’ movement, vegetable traders have also announced closure of business in all the mandis of Delhi including Azadpur Mandi during Bharat Bandh. 

On 8 December, leaders of farmers’ organizations protesting against the new agriculture law implemented by the central government have called for a Bharat Bandh. 

Azadpur Mandi APMC Chairman Adil Ahmed Khan said on Monday that traders from all the mandis of Delhi including Azadpur Mandi have decided to stop trading in the mandi in support of Bharat Bandh on 8 December by farmers.

Farmers’ organizations say that this bandh will be successful in every part of the country. Farmer leader Balveer Singh Rajowal told that this bandh will be from morning till evening. However, the process will end at three in the afternoon. He told that in the bandh, a call has been given to stop the supply of milk and vegetables. However, emergency services like hospital, ambulance and even marriage will not be stopped.

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Farmers have the support of 24 opposition parties for this bandh. On Monday, the leaders continued to visited the site of the Singhu border and other demonstrations of farmers.

So far, five rounds of negotiations have been held between the government and farmer representatives. But no solution has been found so far. However, the government has said that the apprehension about the minimum support price of farmers is wrong. The government has also indicated that it is ready to make some changes in the laws, but so far nothing has come forward from the government on the repeal of the law.

The farmers say that they will not take back the agitation without repealing the three agricultural laws. His next conversation with the government is to be held on 9 December i.e. Wednesday. The government had told the farmer leaders after the meeting on Saturday that before the next conversation, they will send a draft to the farmers till December 7. But the farmers said that they have not reached them yet.

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