Beyond petrol 100, PM Modi responsible for earlier governments

In Madhya Pradesh, the price of petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter. In India, the price of petrol and diesel has been increasing continuously for the last few days.

On Thursday, the price of petrol increased by 34 paise per liter and one liter petrol is being available for Rs 89.88. On 17 February, one liter petrol was available in Delhi for Rs 89.54. The price of diesel in Delhi has also gone up to Rs 80.27 per liter.

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Diesel is getting 32 paise more expensive on 18 February in Delhi as compared to 17 February. According to the news agency PTI, Prime Minister Modi has blamed earlier governments for increasing the prices of petrol and diesel.

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that India did not make any effort to reduce energy imports, so the burden of petrol and diesel is increasing on the middle class.

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Opposition parties blame the Modi government for the rising oil prices. The Congress says that even when the price of oil in the international market fell to a record level, the Modi government did not give relief to the customers but increased the tax.

If a liter of petrol is available in India for 100 rupees, then there is about 60 rupees of central and state government taxes in it. There is 54% tax in diesel.

Prime Minister Modi says that in terms of energy, India will have to reduce its dependence on imports. The Prime Minister has said that the central government is working on alternative sources of energy to reduce dependence on imports.

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Right now, due to the surge in oil prices, the improvement in the global economy is being told. Last year, due to the covid epidemic, the price of oil in the international market went down to a record level. Even then, the Indian government did not reduce the price of oil in that proportion. The government said that it is using this money in infrastructure.

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