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Banning Trump is right but dangerous: Twitter boss Jack Dorsey

Twitter owner Jack Dorsey has said that it was the right decision to ban President Trump. However, he expressed grief that due to extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, Trump’s Twitter account had to be suspended permanently.

Dorsey also said that the banning of Twitter is a failure because a healthy dialogue about it should not happen.

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Twitter is getting both criticism and praise for closing Trump’s account. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador criticized the banning of Trump.

Both leaders have not been close to Trump. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has cleared several tweets in this case simultaneously. He has said that he is not celebrating any festival by banning the trump, nor is he proud of it. Twitter was banned after an attack by Trump supporters in Washington.

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Jack said, “Trump was warned before.” Only then his account was suspended. We had strong information about the threat of security and this decision was taken on this basis.

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He accepted that this step would affect the right to use open and independent internet.

Jack said, “This kind of action will increase divisions in public dialogue.” They will divide us. This will be an example that I think will be dangerous.

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Jack also spoke about the criticism of the decision to ban Trump. In his criticism, it is being said that the owners of a handful of tech companies cannot decide who will have their voice on the Internet and whose will not. There are also allegations of censorship on Twitter.

On these allegations, Jack said, “When a company takes a business decision to restrain itself, it is different from the government’s decisions which are meant to block someone’s access.” Yet I feel the same to a large extent.

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