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Awami Awaz Party concerned on rising unemployment levels in J&K

Jammu and Kashmir Awami Awaz Party and youth revolution lead a political party of Jammu and Kashmir latest entrant into

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir Awami Awaz Party and youth revolution lead a political party of Jammu and Kashmir latest entrant into mainstream politics of Jammu and Kashmir has vowed to fight the issues of people of Jammu and Kashmir especially youth.

In this regard, the party expressed concern about the rising unemployment levels in Jammu and Kashmir. Suhail Ahmad Khan, Party Chairman observed " Today unemployment, especially among the highly qualified educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir, is destroying many dreams. As a result of unemployment, the youth are indulging in many immoral activities. Depression among youth is also rising due to unemployment. Today after Nagaland Jammu and Kashmir has the second most unemployed Post Graduates in the Country. Once Jammu and Kashmir Awami Awaz party is voted to power we would take the solution of unemployment as a top priority.”

Syed Irfan Hashmi observed that skilled programmes for the Youth of Jammu and Kashmir need to be launched on a mass scale to address the menacing proportions of rising unemployment.

He said that the party would soon come with a broad-based vision document on all the contours that the party hopes to implement in the resolution of the unemployment of Jammu and Kashmir youth.

The party leadership resolved that the answer to multiple woes of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir could lie in showing them pathways towards achieving self-reliance. The promising sectors like Horticulture, Tourism, Handicrafts can offer the youth of Jammu and Kashmir a gateway to the much-needed self-employment paths. The party reaffirmed that it's keeping a close watch on credible statistics in this regard.

According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) data, the month of December 2021 has recorded 15 percent of unemployment while the percentage was higher in the month of November which recorded 21.2 percent.

Before the second wave of Covid, UT of J&K was among the top states/UT in providing.  Jammu and Kashmir Awami Awaz Party envisaged presenting multiple suggestions to the Lieutenant Governor lead administration to solve the issues of unemployment.

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